How To Apply For Hoopla Loans In South Africa

Hoopla Loan is a broker company. They link intending loan applicants with available lenders. They act as an Intermediary between Lenders and their clients.

Overview Of Hoopla Loans

Payday and quick loans are two of Hoopla Loans’ specialties. In addition to being readily available and accessible, these loans are short-term financial solutions that assist you in getting by till your next paycheck.

As one of South Africa’s fastest-growing online loan dealers, Hoopla Loans  provides an online intermediary service between the borrower and the loan supplier.

To do this, they provide a simple online loan application form that can be utilized to get in touch with various South African lenders. 

Hoopla Loans is compensated with a commission or brokerage fee for its service.

They also offer brokerage for Payday, Personal, Short, and Long Term Loans to match your spending plan. All of these loans have flexible payment terms and low-interest rates.

Every day, they help hundreds of clients, all of whom are satisfied with their work, and they have an astonishing 84% approval rate for all of their short-term loans.

Benefits of Hoopla Loan 

  1. You get support from NCR: Following your application, a panel of NCR-licensed lenders from Hoopla will analyze your profile and decide how best to help you.
  1. Loan agreement is fast and short: You can sign a loan agreement in a matter of minutes.
  1. People with a bad credit can apply: One can still apply for a bad credit loan through Hoopla even with a poor credit history, so don’t panic. While most banks won’t consider giving a loan to someone with a poor credit history, Hoopla can put you in touch with sympathetic and eager lenders to assist you in finding a financial solution.
  1. It is a fast growing loan provider: One South African online loan provider that is growing the fastest is Hoopla Loans. They can work entirely online thanks to clever online loan application technology.

The fact that they are NOT a lender must be understood. They merely function as an online broker who streamlines the loan application procedure with a single, simple form.

In summary, these are the advantages of Hoopla Loans that you may take advantage of:

  • Simple approval
  • The instant decision for applicants with bad credit
  • Your account will be funded on the same day.
  • It’s 100% free to apply.
  • The application process is secure and private.
  • For any purpose, borrow between R100 and R250,000.

Loan Options Available at  Hoopla Loans

  1. Payday Loans: borrow up to R8,000 and repay it within six months. This type of loan is typically used to cover temporary or one-time expenses and short-term situations. Payday loans are frequently made for small sums, ranging from R100 to R8,000, to pay for unexpected obligations, including household bills, auto repairs, and other unforeseen costs. They may have a somewhat higher APR because they are not intended for long-term usage, but this is necessary to account for the product’s limited shelf life.
  1. Personal loans: borrow between R8,001 and R20,000 and repay it over 6 to 24 months. This type of loan, repaid over a short to medium period, is frequently utilized to meet minor to medium-sized financial demands. Personal loans are an excellent way to get extra cash for non-emergency-related expenses like home renovations, weddings, automobiles, or even vacation costs. Most people typically apply for personal loans through their bank; however, using online can often be far more convenient and quick. Unlike payday loans or other short-term loans, personal loans typically allow for significantly more significant borrowing amounts because the payback terms generally are much longer, allowing for more comfortable repayment over a lengthy period. This kind of loan often has a repayment period of six to thirty-six months or more.
  1. Short-term loans: the short-term loan is utilized for only a few months to help pay unanticipated bills, consolidate debt, or make a personal purchase like a car, home renovation project, or even a wedding. Hoopla Loans provides short-term loans typically repaid in equal monthly installments over 3 to 60 months in South Africa. You will only have the loan for a short period, as opposed to a long one like a mortgage, so you should have a specific goal and a strategy for paying it back on schedule. Additionally, you always have the choice and will frequently benefit from lower interest rates if you repay early.
  1.  Long-Term Loans: Take out a loan for between R20,000 and R250,000, and repay it for 12 to 60 months. This type of loan is designed for more critical financial requirements, including asset acquisition, debt consolidation, and other comparable goals.
  1. Urgent Online Cash Loans: In life, there are times when unexpected things happen, and extra cash is desperately needed. It may take a few days or weeks to complete a loan through your bank or one of the other central South African banks. A smaller lender, such as a microlender or a payday loan lender, would be the ideal option to find money quickly. In addition to working with the majority of large banks, Hoopla Loans collaborates with top microlenders and payday lenders to provide its clients with quick online cash advances. Online cash loans are well-liked because they are so convenient and fast to receive. Because this is an internet loan, most lenders might not demand supporting evidence, like paystubs or bank statements. Simply put, they look at your credit history to determine how you have paid off previous debts and whether you have the financial means to repay the loan. The entire procedure is intended to be carried out online. After final approval, the lender will deposit money in your bank account, which can be used immediately for any reason.
  1. Fast And Instant Cash Loans: When faced with a sudden emergency and a lack of funds, the most excellent option is to apply through a lender or loan broker who can provide quick loans. Every month, Hoopla Loans assist thousands of people in getting the money they require in a concise amount of time, and they may help you as well. The majority of the lenders on our network can provide rapid cash loans for any difficulty. You can apply for a loan anytime, day or night, using our website for a quick lending decision. In contrast to most prominent banks and other traditional lenders, our methods and processes are expressly created to make it simple and quick for you to apply for loans online.
  1. Debt Consolidation Loan: It may not be easy to juggle money to make regular payments on several accounts each month. If it’s not handled correctly, it might seriously harm your credit history and future access to credit. The most innovative method to successfully consolidate all the debt you owe to your other creditors into one loan is to apply for a debt consolidation loan with Hoopla Loans. A debt consolidation loan reduces your monthly obligations by making only one payment to one lender each month at a significantly lower interest rate and over a more manageable payback period. 

How to Apply For Hoopla Loans

Utilizing Hoopla Loans has a simple four-step loan application process.These are:

  1. Fill out the details on the online form accessible here
  1. The application is immediately sent to several lenders for examination. Once the application has been approved, a note will be sent to the applicant for evaluation.
  1. If the proposed loan period is acceptable to the applicant, they can choose and sign the contract online to complete your transaction.
  1.  Once the loan has been approved, the lender will immediately transfer the funds to the applicant’s bank account.

Eligibility Criteria For Hoopa Loans

The following requirements must be satisfied to be eligible for a Hoopla Loan:

  • A South African citizen or resident with an ID number must be at least 18 years old.
  • A stable source of income.
  • Minimum monthly revenue of R4,000.
  • It shouldn’t be subject to debt review at this time.
  • A credit check must be approved.

Banks, lending organizations, and credit providers must follow regulations to weed out high-risk loan applicants. 

As a broker, Hoopla Loans may, however, merely demand that the applicant be a South African national with one exception—foreign borrowers who must apply with a work visa.

 will specifically ask you about your monthly income—information like your phone number, identification, and address verification. 

The required sum and duration for repayment are the final items. Hoopla Loans will evaluate the associated risk for the applicant online after receiving the necessary information.

Once you pass the test and are determined to be qualified, they analyze your data and send it to possible lenders. The possibility of being approved is respectably high as a loan broker.

How To Contact Hoopla Loans

Telephone: +27 87 724 6110

Email Address: 

Address: Office 2 Manhattan Corner, Century Way, Century City, 7441, South Africa.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for my application to be decided?

Most of the time, one or more lenders or affiliated loan brokers on our panel will provide you with a quick online decision. In other situations, you usually anticipate receiving a verdict within 1-4 hours (during business hours) via email, phone, or SMS.

How much will the interest cost me?

Even though interest rates vary from lender to lender, you can anticipate receiving anywhere from 5% to a maximum of 10% of the loan’s worth.

Is Hoopla Loans a lender or a broker?

Because Hoopla loans connect borrowers and lenders online, we can say they are brokers and not lenders.

Does Hoopla impose any fee for its services?

No, there are no application costs associated with Hoopla loans at all. However, some of the Direct Lenders on our panel may apply an initiation fee to the loan amount to process your application; this price is only used after you receive your cash loan.


We have discussed the type of loans Hoopla Loans offer as brokers, how to contact them, and how to apply to them online.