Loan Sharks Near Me In Benoni 

Loan sharks in Benoni, like in many other places, are illegal lenders who offer loans with predatory terms and practices.

 These unregulated lenders often target vulnerable individuals in need of quick financial assistance. They operate outside the formal financial system and typically charge exorbitant interest rates. 

Loan Sharks In Benoni 

Borrowers who fall victim to loan sharks may face dire consequences, including debt spirals and intimidation for repayments.

List of Loan Sharks In Benoni 

1. Ezamankomo (Pty) Ltd Loan Shark:

The services provided by Ezamankomo (Pty) Ltd loans encompass a range of financial offerings.

These services include facilitating short-term loans to address immediate financial needs, providing microloans tailored for small-scale requirements, disbursing cash loans for various purposes, acting as intermediaries or loan agents to connect borrowers with suitable lending options, and extending loan services to individuals and businesses in need of financial assistance.

In essence, Ezamankomo (Pty) Ltd loans offer a comprehensive suite of financial solutions, catering to a diverse range of clients’ borrowing needs.

Ezamankomo (Pty) Ltd Loan Shark Contact Details:

Telephone Number:


Physical Address:

15373 Sydney Mkwalo St | Benoni, 1520

2. Cashwise Loan Sharks:

Cash Wise Loans primarily offers financial services related to short-term loans. They specialise in providing individuals with quick access to cash when faced with immediate financial needs.

These services are designed to assist borrowers in addressing pressing financial obligations or emergencies.

Cash Wise Loans may facilitate small to medium-sized loans, typically with a short repayment period, offering borrowers a convenient solution for managing unexpected expenses or financial gaps.

Cashwise Loan Sharks Contact Details:

Telephone Number:

011 421 0222

Physical Address:

17c Rothsay St | Benoni, 1501

3. Makulu Finance Loan Shark:

Makulu Finance is a financial services provider specialising in providing micro loans. Loan amounts range between R500 and R3000.

We’ve all faced some financial challenges that come up at the most unexpected times. It’s at times like these when we need easy access to cash. While borrowing from family and friends may be an option, at times it may be simpler to apply for finance from a micro lender.

Makulu Finance Loan Shark Contact Details:

Telephone Number:

+27 11 421 6547

Physical Address:

15 Voortrekker St, Benoni, 1500, South Africa

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are loan sharks, and how do they operate in Benoni?

Loan sharks are illegal lenders who offer loans with extremely high interest rates and often engage in unethical collection practices. In Benoni, they target vulnerable individuals in need of quick cash and operate outside of the formal financial system.

No, loan sharks are not legal in Benoni or anywhere in South Africa. Lending money without a licence and charging excessive interest rates is illegal and subject to penalties.

What risks are associated with borrowing from loan sharks in Benoni?

Borrowing from loan sharks in Benoni can lead to a cycle of debt due to the exorbitant interest rates. Additionally, borrowers may face intimidation, harassment, or physical harm if they fail to repay the loan.

How can I identify a loan shark in Benoni?

Loan sharks often operate discreetly and may not provide proper documentation. They avoid regulatory oversight. Signs of a loan shark may include a lack of a licence, exorbitant interest rates, and the use of threats and intimidation.

What should I do if I’ve borrowed from a loan shark in Benoni?

Seek legal advice immediately. Reporting loan sharks to local authorities is essential to protect your rights and hold illegal lenders accountable.

Where can I get legitimate financial assistance in Benoni?

Legitimate financial assistance can be obtained from licensed lenders, banks, credit unions, or microfinance institutions in Benoni. It’s essential to explore legal and regulated options when seeking financial help.


Loan sharks in Benoni pose a substantial risk to individuals seeking quick financial relief. 

These unlicensed lenders engage in exploitative practices by offering loans with excessively high interest rates and resorting to intimidating collection methods. 

Safeguarding the community’s welfare in Benoni necessitates vigilance, financial education, and the pursuit of legal financial alternatives.