How To Apply For Lime Loan In South Africa

The contemporary financial institution called Lime Loan offers ways to transition from the traditional borrowing style to the modern approach. 

In addition, Lime Loans is a division of Lime Credit Group, the parent company. Additionally, they were able to add top-notch technology to their lending platform to improve the service they offer.

Overview of Lime Loan

Lime is a respectable lender and one of the top Internet lending platforms in South Africa. The primary objective of Lime Credit Group, founded in 2013, is to alter how individuals borrow money in South Africa.

Because of this, lime loans are only to be found online. You must create a profile you can access whenever you need money to apply for a Lime loan. 

Only short-term loans between R300 and R5400 are offered by Lime. These have a 5 to 37-day repayment period. 

The interest rate is higher than it would be for most personal loans because these are payday loans. Lime always shows the loan amount, so you know what you are signing up for.

Since Lime is a digital lender, you must register on their website before you can apply. You must enter information while creating your profile, including your name, contact information, and banking information.

You choose your loan details after Lime validates your income and your profile is complete. Sign the loan agreement if you are eligible, and Lime will put the funds into your bank account.

Benefits of Lime Loan

  • Quick processing: You receive your money as soon as you are authorized. There are no delays, which is helpful if you encounter a acrisis.
  • Transparent cost structure: With Lime, you get what you see. There are no unforeseen costs or unpleasant surprises because the complete cost of the loan is disclosed to you before application. As a result, budgeting for your loan is made simple.
  • Loan Offered: Lime only makes loan offers to customers once they determine their affordability. This helps to guarantee that borrowers don’t take out loans they can’t afford, which might put them in a vicious debt cycle.
  • Loyalty program: With each loan you take out, you’ll receive an interest rate discount for being a repeat customer. Therefore, the more you borrow, the more you can save on interest.
  • Easy and convenient application: You can apply for a Lime loan anytime and from anywhere. In addition, unlike traditional lenders that could want a ton of documentation, you only need to supply basic information during the application.
  • Short-term loans: With Lime, you may obtain small loans starting at R300. This is ideal when you only need to borrow a small amount to get you by for a few days. Sometimes, lenders provide loans starting at R5000 or higher, so you’ll have to take out larger loans.
  • Early Repayment:  repayments are free from additional fees with Lime.
  • Lastly, Lime 24 is incredibly cheap and offers highly favorable interest rates. Additionally, customers may be rewarded if they repay their immediate loans on time. This inducement typically comes in the form of an interest rate reduction.

Drawbacks of Lime Loan

  • Lime exclusively offers small loans with a limited loan amount. Even though small loans might be helpful, Lime may not be the right lender for you if you need to pay for an expensive item or expense, such as a car, vacation, wedding, or home renovation.
  • Short repayment period: Lime loans do not allow for leisurely loan repayment. You may have a tight budget and little extra money if you pay off the loan in 37 days.
  • Only for digital lending: Lime may not be the best option for borrowers who like to interact with loan representatives in person due to the lack of physical locations.

What Type of Loans Does Lime Provide?

Lime loan is accessible to a lot of South Africans as it is popular in offering short-term and effective payday loans.

These loans have the following characteristics:

  • As previously noted, Lime is a provider of short-term loans that gives you access to small loans ranging from R300 to R5400.
  • Short repayment period: You have 5–37 days to repay the debt.
  • Lime exclusively provides loans through online applications.
  • All you need to qualify is a SA ID, phone number, bank information, and three most recent bank statements.

How to Apply For a Lime Loan

  • Create a profile: You can build an online profile by entering your contact information and personal details. To verify your account, Lime will send you a verification email.
  • When applying, you must include your banking information.
  • A 3 month worth of bank statements must also be uploaded.
  • The loan structure should be stated.
  • Choose your desired loan amount, which can vary from R300 to R5400.
  • Select a loan term between 5 and 36 days.
  • Read and sign the contract online. When you press the “I accept” button, they accept payment.
  • The Lime loan application procedure may take 5 minutes on average. It may take around a minute for those who already have an account with Lime.

Tariffs Offered By Lime Loan

  1. Tariff classes: The maximum amount, timing, and current interest rate of lime loans are all governed by several tariffs. Four distinct tariff groupings exist:
  • Lime Start: The loan amount for first-time borrowers ranges from R300 to R2,400.
  • Lime Silver: The loan amounts range from R300 to R4,400, an advancement from the beginner’s level, and the service charge is prorated based on the length of your loan.
  • Lime Gold Loan: The amount offered here is between R300 to R5,200. You obtain a reduced interest rate starting with your second loan.
  • Lime VIP: You are eligible for complimentary 5-day loans at this level. You can borrow an additional R300 to R5,400 depending on your credit history.

Eligibility For Lime Loan

Applicants must:

  • Possess an Identity Card issued by the Republic of South Africa.
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • possess a bank account in South Africa and online access

How to Repay Lime Loan

You can pay back your debt relatively quickly. Just follow the steps listed below:

  • Visit the Lime Loans website.
  • To access your profile, use the phone number and password you chose when you enrolled.
  • Once you’ve selected “repay,” you’re done.
  • If you need help with South African loans or need help accessing your account, email  for immediate assistance.

To ensure responsible lending, a system of regulations, requirements, and limits is in place. 

The company abides by South African law and the guidelines established by the national credit authority.

How To Contact Lime Loan

The financial technology startup called Lime Loans  offers online borrowing alternatives for consumers around South Africa.

Their address in South Africa is Cape Town, NA-South Africa.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for paying back a Lime Loan?

The loan repayment process is simple. Just as simple as entering your email or phone number to sign into your profile. Sign in to your profile and click the “repay” option to repay the loan. 

Lime Loans has cautioned against doing this; however, if the next payback deadline is within the next three working days, the debit order will still be processed.

Is Lime a reliable and secure choice?

Due to its registration with the National Credit Regulator, Lime is a secure alternative. Additionally, according to Lime, this lender takes data security very seriously.

The lender’s payment system complies with Visa and Mastercard’s international standards.

Due to its ethical lending philosophy, which aids in maintaining financial management, Lime is another excellent choice. 

Additionally, they use DebiCheck, which guarantees that Lime cannot withdraw money from your account without your consent. This indicates that Lime complies with the guidelines established by the National Credit Regulator and South African law.

How does the Lime Loyalty Program work?

The fantastic news is that Lime gives up to 50% interest savings if you decide to take out another loan. The number of loans you have successfully repaid determines the discount you receive. 

Thus, first-time borrowers are not eligible for a discount. However, you receive a 25% discount if you take out a loan for the second time, a 35% discount if it’s your sixth time, and so on, up to a 50% reduction if it’s your ninth plus time.

Who is a suitable applicant for a Lime Loan?

Those in financial difficulties may find relief by taking out a loan. This loan flexibility may be a fantastic choice if you need a quick, short-term loan. 

Whether for a sudden medical expense, a private concern, or to take a trip.

In addition, Lime Loans is a trustworthy supplier for people who urgently require cash on hand—this kind of loan functions as a top-up loan to help till payday. 

Any individual with a dependable job would be excellent. Before signing any contract, keep in mind to read the reviews of the loan provider you’re considering.


In conclusion, customers in need of financial assistance may turn to Lime loans. When there is a financial emergency or the need to cover some unexpected bills, finding a company that grants loans automatically is always a great option.