How To Apply For FNB Temporary Loan In South Africa

A temporary loan, also known as a soft or short-term loan, can be given in smaller quantities and is considered a soft loan.

Most short-term loans are payday loans, which can be deposited into your bank account or in cash the same day, provided you meet the requirements for this loan with any financial institution.

A significant amount of up to 10,000 provided by FNB as a short-term loan is more than enough to cover any situation. 

If this sum does not cover the entirety of your emergency, you can use it as a deposit or a stopgap measure until the situation calls for more money.

Read on to check what the FNB Temporary Loan is all about.

Overview of FNB Temporary Loan

Anytime a long-term customer needs a temporary loan, FNB makes one available. Each customer is permitted a maximum amount of short-term loans from the bank. 

FNB offers rapid loans, also called temporary loans, because it is aware of the potential financial challenges that any South African may have. 

This kind of loan application can be submitted online or via a computer.

Only current FNB customers with active FNB accounts are eligible for temporary loans. You must additionally pass a credit score assessment to be approved for this loan. 

The amount of your FNB quick loan is decided after the bank looks at your income and considers your credit score assessment results.

Your bank account withdrawals, deposits, and credit risk profile will determine how much you are eligible for in short-term loans. Your accessible cash increases as your deposits rise. 

If you only require a temporary solution, these short-term loans can be a viable substitute for a personal loan.

All South African clients of FNB may apply for a temporary loan. However, the repayment period is just a month. 

At the end of the month, the bank automatically takes the borrowed money out of the deposits in your account.

You can use temporary loans when you can immediately process your loan application. 

The loan is instant because, subject to credit approval, it is placed into your account as a way once you click on the temporary loan option.

But there is more to the short-term loan than meets the eye, and before applying for one, you should be aware of most, if not all, of it. 

FNB Temporary Loan Advantages

Before applying, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the advantages of a FNB temporary loan. These include:

  • They are Quick: You can instantly apply for temporary loans from FNB using your phone, online banking, or the bank’s app. If you meet the requirements, it takes little time to apply for a loan. The bank deposits the funds into your account that same business day.
  • They Provide Easy Loan: If you have an Easy or Cheque account with FNB bank, they won’t ask you for any information when you apply for a loan. All that’s left to do is type in your login details, which include your bank account, pin, and code. If you have excellent credit and deposit more than R 3000 monthly, the bank will automatically approve you for a short-term loan up to your borrowing capacity.
  • They have less documents included: No paperwork is needed to apply for a FNB short-term loan. A short-term cash loan might be wise for anyone who needs money right now. Temporary loans from FNB can save your day because they offer just one initiation charge and no interest. The bank will charge the commencement fee to complete your application for a temporary loan.

Drawbacks of the FNB Temporary Loan

Like any other financial decision, applying for a loan has its own set of risks and disadvantages. 

The following are some drawbacks of requesting a temporary loan from FNB:

  • High-interest rates and Default Payment Penalties: You will incur a higher interest rate and penalty if you don’t repay your short-term loan on time. The loan will eventually cost more as a result. If the loan defaults, your credit score will plummet, making it difficult for you to obtain future loans.
  • Repayment of FNB Temporary Loan: According to the agreement or policy, payments for the temporary loan must be made within thirty-one (31) days.
  • You will often receive SMS or phone calls reminding you to settle any unpaid bills.
  • Only current customers are eligible for the FNB temporary loan: The quick loan option is exclusively available to FNB South Africa customers. If you receive a notification that the service isn’t available, there are a few things you should keep an eye on.

It is advisable to remember that only short-term borrowing is permitted with the FNB Easy Account and Cheque Account. 

Only South African residents with FNB checking accounts are eligible for this service.

Application Requirements for a FNB Temporary Loan

You must fulfill a few prerequisites to be eligible for an FNB temporary loan, which includes:

  • Have an active FNB account that is currently open a FNB Easy or Cheque account owner
  • Have a salary of at least R3000 every month
  • Your age range is between 18 to 63.
  • Be a citizen of South Africa
  • Utilize mobile banking tools from FNB South Africa while submitting your application.

How To Apply for FNB Temporary Loan

Anyone from South Africa with an FNB Bank Easy or Cheque account qualifies for a short-term loan.

FNB Bank offers Internet banking thanks to modern technology and broad Internet use in South Africa.

Therefore, you can use your smartphone to apply for an FNB short-term loan by entering the bank’s USSD code. 

It also also holds for online banking systems. That means you can access the temporary loan button on the bank’s website, sign in, and place the money into your account.

There are a few processes involved in applying via a cell phone, including:

  • Using the same phone number you used to register your FNB account, dial *120*321#.
  • Use your cellular banking USSD code to apply for the short-term loan by following the instructions on your phone’s screen.
  • After dialing the temporary loan USSD code, enter your banking PIN.
  • Select “Get a Loan” from the menu, then select “Temporary Loan.”
  • Before pressing the proceed button, ensure you have read and comprehended the Terms and Conditions and the rules regulating the loan application. Click the following button if they support you.
  • If this is your first application, ensure your spouse approves before choosing “Accept Offer”
  • The advantage of FNB temporary loans is that you can select the loan amount you need. To change the loan amount, click “Change Amount.”
  • Complete the loan application by clicking the confirm symbol on your screen after adjusting to the appropriate amount.
  • Your phone’s screen will display a notification when your application is successful after it is finished.
  • After completing the entire application, the bank notifies you through email that your request has been approved and deposits funds into your account.

How To Contact FNB Temporary Loan

Call FNB at 0861 276 937 for further information, use *120*321# for mobile banking, or fill out their website’s call-me-back form.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become eligible for a FNB temporary loan?

  • You must already be a customer of FNB and have active Easy or Cheque banking accounts.
  • While you may be eligible for a short-term loan of up to R10,000.00, your income against costs evaluation will decide the precise amount.
  • You must have a stable job and a monthly salary of at least R3,000.
  • It would be best if you had a solid credit rating to improve your chances of being approved for a FNB payday loan.
  • Because FNB trusts you to repay the loan in full at the end of the month, you can quickly be approved for the maximum temporary loan amount, provided you have a good working relationship with them.
  • Regular SMS or phone calls will also remind you to settle any outstanding balances.

For how long does FNB take to approve a loan?

The FNB approval time can take as long as ten working days because they will need to thoroughly check your applications once you’ve submitted them.

What is a FNB short-term loan?

It is a short-term loan that must be paid off after a month. At the end of the month, your bank account’s deposits are automatically reduced by the amount you borrowed.

All South African clients may apply for a FNB short-term loan. 

Why are FNB short-term loans unavailable?

All of this is based on your credit risk profile and the amount of money consistently deposited into your account over the previous months. If the choice has been removed, it simply implies that FNB is not currently willing to offer a pre-approved sum as a short-term cash loan.

How can I temporarily place a limit on FNB?

  • Open the “Accounts” page.
  • You will see a “More” option after the account row, click this.
  • Opt for Account Settings.
  • Determine Your Daily Online Banking Limits.
  • You can adjust the cap to the amount you choose. SVD (Standard) Payment Capacity: 
  • Under the Payments heading, enter your limit.


You can use the short-term loan from FNB for whatever you like, which will help you get by. With their open-cost structure, you will receive the best prices to fit your budget.