How To Apply B.F.S Loans Online 

How To Apply B.F.S Loans Online 

The banking organisation Barko banking Services, which was founded in 1996 in South Africa, provides the loans offered at BFS. For South Africans who are formally employed and do their best work, we provide ethical and cutting-edge financing solutions.

How To Apply B.F.S Loans Online 

Barko Financial Services is a South African financial services provider that offers a variety of financial products, including personal loans. 

Unfortunately, Barko Financial Services does not offer the possibility to apply for a personal loan online. The only way to apply for a loan is to visit a local branch and carry all the necessary documentation.

Requirements For B.F.S Loans

1. SA Valid Passport or Government-Issued ID:

To qualify for Barko Loans, you need to provide a South African valid passport or a government-issued identification number. This requirement serves as proof of your identity and legal status in South Africa, which is a fundamental criterion for loan eligibility.

2. Most Recent Proof of Income:

Barko Loans require applicants to provide their most recent proof of income. This document validates your ability to repay the loan and demonstrates your financial stability. Typically, this proof of income can be in the form of a payslip, employment letter, or other documentation showing your earnings.

3. Bank Statement for the Last Three Months:

Providing a bank statement for the last three months is essential for Barko Loans. This document offers insight into your financial transactions, cash flow, and existing financial commitments. Lenders use it to assess your capacity to manage loan repayments effectively.

4. Debit or Credit Card:

Having a debit or credit card is often a requirement for Barko Loans. Lenders may use this card for various purposes, including disbursing loan funds or collecting repayments electronically. It offers a convenient means for financial transactions related to the loan.

Step by Step Methods for Applying for B.F.S Loans 

1. Visit their Official Website :

Visit Barko Loans Official Website @

Fill in your details and you will be directed to the nearest branch.

2. Visit the Nearest Barko Financial Services Branch:

Begin by finding the nearest Barko Financial Services branch to your location. You can search for branch locations on their official website or contact their customer support for assistance.

3. Gather Required Documents:

Before visiting the branch, ensure you have the necessary documents:

  • Proof of Identity: This can be your driver’s license, passport, or any other government-issued identification that verifies your identity.
  • Proof of Income: Bring your payslip or income tax return documents, which confirm your source of income.
  • Proof of Residence: Provide a utility bill or another document that shows your current address.

3. Complete an Application Form:

Once at the branch, request an application form for a Barko loan. These forms are typically available at the branch reception or provided by the branch manager.

4. Fill Out the Application Form:

Complete the application form with your personal information, including your full name, contact details, South African identification, income details, and other requested information.

5. Submit Your Application:

After filling out the application form, submit it to the branch manager or the designated staff member responsible for loan applications. They will guide you through the submission process.

6. Application Review:

The branch manager will review your loan application along with the provided documents. They will assess your eligibility based on the information you’ve provided and the lender’s criteria.

7. Wait for Contact:

After reviewing your application, the branch manager will contact you to inform you of the loan application’s status. If your application is approved, they will provide details regarding the loan amount, interest rates, and repayment terms.

8. Loan Disbursement:

If your loan application is approved and you accept the terms, Barko Financial Services will disburse the approved loan amount to your designated bank account.

B.F.S Loans Customer Support Contact Information 

Customer care Telephone (Toll free):


Customer care Email Address:

Frequently Asked Questions :

What are the requirements needed to apply?

 You need to be formally employed and receive a payslip from your employer.

Which documents do they need if I want to apply for a loan?

The required documents are:

  • Latest payslip
  • Three-month bank statement
  • ID book/ valid passport
  • Bank card (for verification and to swipe your card to ensure that we load a successful debit)

Can I qualify for a loan if I’m receiving a grant?

 By law BFS/Barko Loans is not permitted to assist grant recipients.

Can I apply online?

Currently, Barko Loans does not have online facilities for new clients. Kindly visit a branch to check if you qualify for a loan application.

Do you assist blacklisted clients?

Yes, we do assist blacklisted clients.

When do your branches open?

 Barko Loans business hours are 07:30 – 17:00 on weekdays and weekends from 07:30-13:00. During our business hours, you can contact our toll-free line: 080 777 3777.

What type of loans do you offer?

Barko Loans offers personal 30-day loans payable in one instalment.


For those in South Africa in need of financial assistance, Barko Financial Services offers accessible lending options. 

Their simple application procedure and accommodating eligibility requirements make it a viable option for people trying to get financial aid. 

However, before agreeing to a Barko loan, borrowers should carefully analyse the terms and circumstances to make sure it is in line with their financial objectives and obligations.