How To Apply For Outsurance Pet Insurance In South Africa

Outsurance Pet Insurance is a reputable insurance provider in South Africa that offers comprehensive coverage for your furry companions.

Outsurance offers a variety of insurance policies that are specifically crafted to fit the needs of pet owners, with an emphasis on preserving the health and welfare of pets. Outsurance Pet Insurance makes sure that your pets receive the required veterinarian treatment while lessening the financial strain for everything from accidents and illnesses to routine care. 

Outsurance Pet Insurance is a dependable companion in preserving the health and happiness of your cherished dogs thanks to its straightforward claims procedure and additional perks.

Features of Outsurance Pet Insurance 

1. Comprehensive Coverage: 

Outsurance Pet Insurance provides coverage for veterinarian examinations, operations, drugs, hospitalisation, diagnostic procedures, and prescribed therapies. This coverage covers both sickness and accidents, making sure that your pet gets the appropriate medical attention.

2. Routine Care Insurance:

 Outsurance offers an optional routine care benefit that can help with your pet’s preventive healthcare expenses. This could involve shots, yearly exams, deworming, flea and tick prevention, and dental cleaning.

3. A Variety of Coverage Options: 

Outsurance provides various levels of pet insurance coverage to accommodate various needs and price ranges. You can pick a strategy that fits your unique needs and financial situation.

4. Simple Claims Process: 

Pet owners may submit claims online or through Outsurance’s mobile app thanks to the company’s streamlined claims procedure. To speed up the claims procedure, you can attach pertinent documents including invoices and veterinary reports.

5. Additional advantages: 

Outsurance Pet Insurance may offer extra advantages like coverage for euthanasia, emergency kenneling, accidental death, and lost or stolen pets. These extra perks offer extra assistance and monetary security in case unanticipated events arise.

6. Accredited Veterinary Providers Network: 

Outsurance has a network of veterinary specialists spread out across South Africa. This network ensures that your claims are processed quickly inside the network while giving you the option to choose from a variety of reliable vets.

Step by Step Methods of Applying for Outsurance pet Insurance 

1.Research and Compare: 

Get started by learning about the coverage options, advantages, and premiums offered by Outsurance Pet Insurance. To select the one that best satisfies your demands, your budget, and your pet’s needs, compare various plans.

2.Obtain Information:

 Compile the required data regarding your pet before applying. Breed, age, gender, any existing conditions, and medical background are a few examples of this. This data will help the application process go more smoothly.

3.Check out the website: 

Go to the pet insurance portion of the Outsurance website at “

Look for the opportunity to receive a quote or to apply online.

4. Complete the Application: 

Provide all the necessary information on the application form. This normally comprises the details you already acquired about your pet, your contact information, and your personal information.

5. Individualise Your Coverage:

 Choose the particular coverage options you require for your pet, including routine care, coverage for accidents and illnesses, and any other benefits or add-ons that meet your requirements.

6. Examine the Policy:

 Carefully go over the Outsurance-provided policy materials, terms, and conditions. Verify that you are familiar with the coverage, exclusions, waiting periods, and any other pertinent information.

7. Submit the Application: 

After you are happy with your selections, submit the online application in its entirety. You might also give Outsurance a call and submit an application over the phone.

8. Await Payment and Confirmation:

 After submitting your application, wait for Outsurance to confirm it. Normally, after reviewing your application, they will offer you information on how to pay your premiums as well as the policy details. Upon receiving, review the policy documents once more to check accuracy.

9. Make Payment:

 To activate your pet insurance coverage, pay the needed premium sum. Pay using the instructions given, which may involve a bank transfer, an online transaction, or a direct debit.

10. Begin Coverage: 

After your money has been received and your policy has been activated, your pet will be protected in accordance with the terms and conditions of the plan you have selected. Keep copies of your policy documentation nearby for future reference.

How To Contact Outsurance  Pet Insurance Customer Support 

Outsurance Pet Insurance is committed to offering their consumers top-notch customer service and support. They have a customer service department that can answer any questions pet owners may have about their insurance coverage. The Outsurance Pet Insurance customer support team is here to assist you with any inquiries you may have, including those regarding policy specifics, claim submission needs, and advice on selecting the best coverage for your pet. They work to guarantee that every customer receives timely and efficient service from their helpful and experienced personnel. This helps to ensure that customers have a happy and hassle-free experience with Outsurance Pet Insurance.

Customer service phone number:


Customer Service Email Address:

Payment for Outsurance Pet Insurance 

1. Your pet’s age: 

The premium is significantly influenced by your pet’s age. As they are thought to be less prone to certain health conditions, younger pets typically have lower rates than older pets.

2. Breed: 

Your pet’s breed can also affect the premium. Breeds that are more prone to certain illnesses or that require specialised care may be subject to higher rates.

3. Coverage Options: 

Your premium will depend on the type and level of coverage you choose. In comparison to more complete coverage that covers routine care and additional benefits, basic coverage for accidents and illnesses will have a lower premium.

4. Deductible:

 The deductible is the sum of money you must pay before your insurance coverage begins. While a smaller deductible may result in a higher premium, a greater deductible normally results in a lower rate.

5. Claims History: 

Your Outsurance Pet Insurance claims history may have an impact on the premium. A higher premium can be the result if you have a history of submitting expensive claims or numerous claims in the past.

6. Location:

 Your home address may have an impact on the premium. The premium may differ depending on where you live in relation to the cost of veterinarian services and care.

7. Pre-existing conditions:

Pre-existing could have an impact on the cost and eligibility for coverage. Pre-existing conditions coverage may not be provided by all insurers, or charge higher premiums. 

Different Plans for Outsurance Pet Insurance 

1. Accident Only Coverage: 

With this plan, your pet is only covered for accidents-related injuries. It typically covers treatments for accidents, surgeries, drugs, and emergency veterinary care.

2. Accident and Illness Coverage: 

This all-inclusive plan expands coverage beyond only accidents to include illnesses that your pet may contract. It covers veterinarian consultations, diagnostic procedures, drugs, operations, hospital stays, and other essential medical care for injuries and illnesses.

3. Routine Care Coverage:

 Some plans could provide routine care coverage as an optional add-on. This covers services for preventative care such immunisations, yearly physicals, flea and tick prevention, deworming, and dental cleaning. The price of routine preventative treatment for your pet might be partially mitigated by routine care coverage.

4. Comprehensive Coverage:

 By integrating all the aforementioned elements, this plan offers substantial coverage for diseases, accidents, and routine care. It provides a more complete and thorough solution to make sure that your pet’s medical requirements are met in a variety of situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is covered by Outsurance Pet Insurance?

Outsurance Veterinary costs associated with mishaps and sickness are covered by pet insurance. This could involve veterinarian consultations, drugs, operations, hospitalisation, examinations, and required medical care. Additionally, they could provide optional add-ons for routine care coverage that include treatments for preventative healthcare.

What is the process for filing a claim with Outsurance Pet Insurance?

The claims process is simplified by Outsurance. Their website or mobile app both accept online claims. Typically, you would have to upload the pertinent files, including bills, veterinary records, and any other necessary supporting files. To guarantee a quick claim submission, make sure you properly follow the directions supplied by Outsurance.

Does coverage have a waiting period?

Yes, pet insurance policies, like Outsurance Pet Insurance, typically include a waiting period. Although waiting periods might vary, they are normally in place to guard against fraud and stop policyholders from enrolling in coverage when they are already aware of a potential claim. Reviewing the policy documentation or getting in touch with Outsurance directly is vital to comprehend the waiting periods that apply to your coverage.

Can I select the veterinarian of my choice?

Yes, you can usually select the veterinarian of your choice with Outsurance Pet Insurance. Typically, they have a network of licenced veterinarians so claims can be processed faster. But even if your preferred veterinarian is not in the network, you might be able to get coverage.

Can I revoke my Outsurance Pet Insurance policy?

In general, you can terminate your Outsurance Pet Insurance policy. The policy documents may contain details on the precise cancellation terms, as well as any costs or restrictions that may apply. For further instructions on how to cancel your policy, it is advised that you study the cancellation policy or get in touch with Outsurance directly.

Is it possible to cover several pets with one policy?

Yes, a lot of pet insurance companies, like Outsurance, provide customers the choice to cover numerous animals under a single policy. This may be more convenient and may also provide discounts for purchasing insurance for more dogs. You can speak with Outsurance directly to learn more about multi-pet policies, including eligibility requirements, coverage limitations, and costs.


In South Africa, Outsurance Pet Insurance is recognised as a reliable supplier of all-inclusive coverage for pets. They provide a variety of insurance products designed to satisfy the varying needs of pet owners as part of their commitment to the welfare of animals. 

Outsurance offers coverage for veterinary consultations, operations, drugs, hospitalisation, and prescribed treatments, from accidents and diseases to normal care. Your pet will receive crucial preventative treatment thanks to their optional add-ons for routine care, which cover preventive healthcare services. 

Outsurance strives to offer first-rate customer service and financial security for your cherished dogs by offering a simple claims process, extra perks, and a network of authorised veterinary services.