How To Apply For Capitec Home Loans In South Africa

Capitec Home Loans; Overview, Benefits, How to Apply, Requirements,  How To Switch Existing Loan & Contact Details

Capitec is known as a provider of mortgage financing in South Africa. Their goal is to deliver their best in all services related to providing house loans. 

One thing you should know is the fact that South Africa Home Loans brings you Capitec Home Loans. This means that on behalf of SA Home Loans, Capitec Bank initiates the application, SA Home Loans which evaluates and approves your credit application.

Overview of Capitec Home Loans

As one of the top banks in South Africa over the past several years, Capitec Home Loans has undergone significant growth. They currently have an exceptional home loan offer for potential borrowers.

They provide loans ranging from R100,000 to R5 million with durations as long as 240 months or 20 years. Everything depends on your credit history, which varies depending on the applicant’s financial history.

As a relatively new division, Capitec Home Loans has partnered with SA Home Loans to offer this service to their customers. The ‘simplicity approach’ has been used by Capitec Bank while providing home loans. 

To also sell its home loans in Capitec branches, where SA Home Loans has the requisite support infrastructure, Capitec has a partnership arrangement with SA House Loans through its house loan-giving service.

Their home loan product is identical to the one that SA Home Loans is presently providing, and it is available to both new bond applicants and Capitec clients who already have house loans and want to move their bond to SA house Loans.

A professional SA Home Loans expert will contact you within one business day to walk you through the entire evaluation and registration process after helping with the application and first approval process with Capitec’s in-branch advisers.

Both Capitec clients and non-customers are eligible for the home loans, and if your application is accepted, you may anticipate hearing back within five working days..

Additionally, it responds to the market’s need for housing that costs R350 000 or less per square meter. Additionally, in response to requests from clients who wanted Capitec to offer the same simplicity approach to their home loans.

Advantages of Capitec Home Loans

  • Easy loan process: You can apply online in 4 simple steps for quick and easy approval.
  • Eligibility for affordable interest rates: You might be eligible for a more affordable interest rate and up to 50% off bond attorney expenses based on your background.
  • You can easily track your application: Tracking your application online is easy at any stage of the procedure.
  • There is specialist intervention: You are provided with a committed property finance specialist who will assist you at every stage of the procedure.
  • The loan is accessible to both self-employed or permanently employed individuals: If you are permanently employed OR self-employed, you may apply.
  • Affordability Calculator: You can also access their exclusive affordability calculator to get a thorough overview of all the expenses you should budget for.
  • Low interest rate: Interest starting at 9.25and mortgageses of up to R5,000,000 with  20-year maximum loan repayment period can br gotten.

How To Apply for Capitec Home Loans

Purchasing a home is thrilling! Understanding the procedure and what to anticipate is essential for producing the best options. 

These are the procedures you must complete to apply for a Capitec home loan: 

  1. Calculate all it will cost you: To receive a full breakdown of what Capitec might be able to give you, use their Affordability Calculator.
  1. Select a program choice: Apply online, and after we begin processing your application, we’ll contact you. You can also speak with their Sales Contact Center by calling 0861 200 300 to discuss your needs for a home loan solution. 
  1. Send Capitec your supporting documents.: The next step is to send them your necessary paperwork. This is crucial since processing your application requires that they have all of your current information.
  1. Credit Acceptance: The credit team will now evaluate using the provided documentation and details about your current credit standing collected from a credit bureau. You will be informed that your bond application has been approved if everything is in order. The completion of the valuation is a requirement for this approval. If there is an issue, a consultant will contact you to review potential solutions.
  1. Property assessment: A qualified appraiser will set up an appointment to value the property.
  1. Review and sign the Letter of Acceptance (LOA): Your application will be accepted once the valuation has been finished and everything is in order. You receive a Letter of Acceptance that includes all relevant information to consider, including the expenses, annual interest rate, indicative installment amount, and other pertinent factors. By signing the letter and giving it back to your consultant, you are formally accepting this offer.
  1. Conveyancing: A Capitec loan team of attorneys members is chosen to handle the bond’s registration when they receive the LOA. The bond registration paperwork will be drafted, and they’ll schedule a time for you to sign it. Remember that although the seller has the authority to choose the transfer attorneys, they might be different from those handling bond registration. However, the two law firms will coordinate so that the ownership transfer and bond registration occur concurrently.
  1. Submissions: The next  action is registering your bond. The attorney will promptly carry out this action after you sign your documents with the lawyer.
  1. Await registration: The Deeds Office will take around 12 weeks to register your bond.

Requirements For Capitec Home Loan

The application process for a Capitec home loan has been divided into two parts for easier comprehension and specification. Among these categories are;

  1. Category Requirements for Employed: To be eligible for a Capitec Home loan, you must be a citizen of South Africa with a job that pays a salary and meet the standards listed below.
  • Recent three-month wage slips.
  • Three most recent, stamped bank statements for yourself.
  • Potential applicants must provide a copy of their ID document.
  • Moreover, a duplicate of the ANC or the marriage certificate.
  • A copy of the purchasing offer.
  • Statement of personal assets and liabilities for loans over R2,500,000.
  • After submitting your application, send these documents (for both applicants, if necessary) to
  1. Self-Employed Category Requirements: To be eligible for a Capitec Home loan, you must be a self-employed citizen of South Africa and have the necessary documentation at hand: 
  • A letter of drawings from an accountant serves as proof of income.
  • Recent, stamped bank statements for the last six months.
  • Assets and liabilities statement for an individual.
  • Recent two years’ worth of annual financial statements.
  • Annual financial statements must be accompanied by current management accounts that are no more than two months old and have been signed by the applicant and accountant in cases where they are older than six months.
  • A copy of your ID card.
  • Married applicants must submit a copy of their marriage license or antenuptial agreement (ANC).
  • Copy of marriage license or prenuptial agreement (ANC).
  • After submitting your application, send these documents (for both applicants, if necessary) to

Switching Existing Home Loans

You could make monthly payments at a lower interest rate by switching existing home loans. Your monthly budget will have some money available as a result.

Additional advantages include:

  • Gain access to any additional value in your property (often called equity – a one-time cash sum you could withdraw).
  • Utilize any equity you receive to pay off short-term debt, make changes to your home, or fund your schooling.
  • There is no need to worry about paying registration costs upfront for new bonds or home loans. These expenses may be financed through your Capitec mortgage.
  • Your bond can be changed with ease. Fill out the online application in 5 to 10 minutes, and we’ll handle the paperwork.

How To Increase Your Capitec Home Loan Approval

  • Have all of your supporting documentation on hand, including pay stubs, bank statements, and current financials if you are a self-employed applicant.
  • Before applying, calculate your potential eligibility for a loan amount using the Capitec Home Loans affordability calculator.
  • Have considered all the supplementary expenses related to property ownership. Additionally, you must be able to pay your monthly utilities, homeowner’s insurance, and bond protection insurance. These costs must be considered by Capitec Home Loans when determining your affordability, not only the bond payments itself.
  • Make arrangements to pay a down payment on your mortgage if you can.
  • Have money set aside to pay the transfer fees and bond charges (you may estimate these costs using the Capitec Home Loans affordability calculator to find out how much you can borrow).
  • Also included in your application were the financial particulars of your spouse or partner. Even though only one application will be paying the house loan installment while applying for a combined home loan with a spouse or partner, it is better to give the income information for both applicants. As a result, your home loan provider will be able to calculate your household’s affordability fairly.
  • On your application form, provide accurate and current information.

How To Contact Capitec Home Loans

Capitec Home loans are reachable on phone,dal 0860-246810

Their physical address is at Techno Park, 1 Quantum Street, Stellenbosch, West Cape, South Africa.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the criteria for Capitec Home Loans

To be eligible to apply for a house loan, the applicant must fulfill specific requirements established by Capitec Bank:

  • A minimum age of 18 and a maximum age of 60 are required for applicants.
  • There should be no debt counseling for you.

You will also need to submit a few documents to get your loan approved. These are: 

  • A duplicate of the contract for buying the property was assigned.
  • Copies of the applicants’ IDs.
  • A minimum of three months’ worth of pay stubs.
  • A signed bank statement that details the three pay deposits.

How would Capitec Home Loans let me know how much I can borrow?

To receive a complete analysis of what they can offer you, utilize the Capitec Home Loans affordability calculator before you start looking around. 

The affordability calculator only gives you an estimate; the final offer is contingent upon a thorough risk, affordability, and credit evaluation.

How is the Capitec Home Loan Interest rate calculated?

Your risk profile heavily influences the interest rate you are eligible for. Therefore, the interest rate may be lower the lower your estimated lending risk is, and vice versa.

Your ability to make a down payment and your credit score are two more typical criteria when calculating your home loan interest rate.

For instance, the interest rate on your house loan will be lower the more significant the down payment you make on a property. For example, 100% loans still need to demand a deposit and have higher interest rates. Your credit score operates under a similar tenet: the higher your credit score, the lower your potential interest rate.


SA Home Loans brings you Capitec Home Loans and we can say Capitec bank started the application on behalf of SA Home Loans. 

The Bank is a registered credit provider (NCRCP13) and an authorized financial services provider (FSP 46669). SA Home Loans is an NCRCP1735-registered credit provider. 

The holding firm for SA Home Loans, SAHL Investment Holdings, is a registered credit provider (NCRCP1724) and an authorized financial service provider (FSP 2428).