How To Apply For Capfin Loan In South Africa

Capfin Loan - Key Features, Benefits, Requirements, How to Apply and it's Calculator

Capfin Loan is one of the independent lending companies in South Africa with the highest growth. Their goal is to assist people in living the most extraordinary lives possible.

Externally, their aim entails giving clients more control over their financial lives by offering them simple-to-use, reasonably priced, and accessible loan products and services. 

They also have a culture of living their best lives at work and leaving a lasting impression in everything we do is fostered internally by this aim. 

Read on and check out more about Capfin Loan.

Key Features of Capfin Loan

  • Affordable Loan Services: You can get affordable loan services and solutions from Capfin Loan, a well-known company founded in 2010. You can feel at ease knowing you are conducting business with reputable parties because they are a licensed credit provider. Through the online application process provided by Capfin, applying for a personal loan only requires a few easy steps.
  • Flexible Payback Terms:  With flexible 12- to 24-month payback terms, Capfin provides personal loans up to R50,000. You do not have to use any collateral because the loans are unsecured. Budgeting and repayment planning is more straightforward because the interest rates on Capfin loans are fixed.
  • Application can be either online or through their partner: You can apply for a loan through Capfin either online or through one of their partner retailers, such as PEP, Ackermans, Shoprite, and Checkers.

Capfin Loan Benefits

The benefits of Capfin loans are listed below;

  • Quick application process online
  • No further fees or interest is incurred
  • Personal loans are available quickly.
  • Online profiles with Capfin are incredibly secure.
  • You can request bank statements directly from your bank via Capfin.
  • You can access your Capfin loan account whenever you want.
  • In death, the remaining balance on a personal loan is canceled.
  • Capfin’s online platform is rapid, dependable, and simple to use.

Capfin Loan Application Process 

A Capfin loan application is an easy and uncomplicated process. It would be best to be employed or self-employed, a South African citizen or permanent resident, and have an active bank account and a valid South African ID to be eligible for a Capfin loan.

Either online or in person at one of their partner stores, you can apply for a Capfin loan. You must give personal and financial details, such as employment, monthly income, and expense information, throughout the approximately 5-minute online application procedure.

The steps to take while applying for a Capfin loan are as follows:

  • Visit the websites: The first step to take is to visit the Capfin website to apply for a Capfin loan online or at one of their partner stores, such as PEP, Ackermans, Shoprite, or Checkers.
  • Fill the form: Fill out the application form online by entering information about your employment, monthly income, costs, and personal and financial circumstances. With the aid of these data, Capfin will examine your loan eligibility and calculate the size of your loan.
  • Submit a Loan Request:  Once you have finished the online application form, submit a loan request and wait while Capfin processes it. The application’s progress will be communicated by email or SMS.

Following approval of the loan application, the amount of the loan will be sent to your bank account within 24 hours.

Requirements for Creating a Capfin Loan Profile

The required documents is listed below to create a profile properly;

  • Most recent South Africa ID.
  • Three most recent salary or bank statements.
  • You must be employed regularly and be paid each month.
  • A functional mobile number.
  • An active SA bank account.
  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Registered South African ID.
  • Most recent three-month paystubs.
  • Bank statements over the last three months.

A few minor differences exist between the Capfin online loan application process and other online application forms.

Methods for Reviewing Capfin Loan Statements

The Capfin loan statement is simple to check. You can accomplish it by entering your Capfin account online or contacting Capfin customer care.

The steps to take when reviewing your Capfin loan statement are as follows:

  1. Using The Website To Check: The loan statement should initially be examined in this manner.  Follow the steps below to review the Capfin Loan Statement:
  • Step 1: Use your email address and password to access the Capfin website and sign into your Capfin account. It would help if you took care of the URL to prevent accessing a phishing website designed by con artists who wish to steal your information.
  • Step 2: Find the “Login” button when you have opened their website. If you do not, you should know you are on the wrong website because you will see this on the home page. Try once again double-checking the URL.
  • Step 3: Type your SA ID number into the resulting empty box. You registered with this number, which is what it is now. An OTP will be sent immediately to your registered phone number, so make sure it is on your mobile device.
  • Step 4: You will receive an OTP by text message from Cap Fin. Enter the number in the box to gain access to your account.
  • Step 5: Examine the dashboard once you have logged in to see the appropriate options to assist you in examining your loan statement.

Your Capfin loan statement can be checked using this first method. Let us move on to some other methods for checking loan statements.

  1. Checking Via USSD : This company knows that many people need more means to purchase a smartphone with an internet connection. This motivated them to make things simple for individuals by enabling the usage of a USSD for loan statement checking.  
  • Another approach to examining a Capfin loan statement is using a USSD code. The step is simple and fast. Dial *134*6454#. 
  1. Using Telephone: Customer service at Capfin is always eager to assist borrowers. Call them, and they will assist you in resolving the issue. Follow the steps below to make use of telephone: 
  • Step 1: Call +27 87 354 0000. There is always a friendly customer service representative available.
  • Step 2: Request their assistance in reviewing your loan statement. You will need to share some personal information. This will enable them to identify whoever to search for.
  • Step 3: A response will be sent shortly.
  1. Through Message: You can text if you do not want to use the methods for checking your loan statement. You can contact them via fax at 086 688 0000 or by email at

Capfin Loan Calculator

Depending on whether you are borrowing the money for a 6-month loan or a 12-month loan period, you may explore your loan alternatives and calculate your monthly installments using the online Capfin loan calculator. 

In order to calculate the total loan repayment amount you will have to pay, it will also display the interest and monthly service charges associated with the loan.

How To Contact Capfin Loan 

For more information about Capfi Loan you can contact them with the following details;

Customer Service Phone Number: 087 354 0000


Info via USSD: *120*5566#

Capfin direct USSD: *134*6454#

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take Capfin to examine documents?

Before making a transaction when Capfin authorizes a loan request, it may take 48 working hours for them to check through your documents.

What is the Capfin loan repayment period in months?

Capfin offers affordable, manageable loans up to R50,000 with six or 12-month repayment options.

Who is the Capfin’s owner?

Pepkor Holdings is the owner of Capfin. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pepkor Holdings, which is traded on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

How do you apply for a Capfin loan on my phone?

Submit an online loan application for Capfin or SMS 33005 from the comfort of your home with your SA ID number. SMS messaging fees are standard. To manage your account, call *134*6454# for free from a mobile device.

How much money can you borrow from Capfin?

With six- or twelve-month repayment durations, Capfin loan provide cheap and simple-to-manage loans up to R50,000—no additional fees, just what you pay for.

What happens following loan approval?

Once your loan has been accepted, you will receive an agreement letter from the lender. Your mortgage agreement is described in this document, together with the loan terms.

You can evaluate your monthly expenses and your loan’s annual percentage rate. There will also be a record of any prerequisites that must be fulfilled before closing.

Is Collateral Required to Obtain a Capfin Loan?

Capfin loans are unsecured; therefore, you will not need to offer any security.

What documents must I submit when I apply for a Capfin loan?

A copy of your identification, proof of residency, and a current pay stub or bank statement are required.


Capfin Loan, a trustworthy and well-known business, provides personal loans. Capfin conforms with the requirements of the National Credit Act, which indicate that a loan should not put the borrower in financial difficulty. Just remember to borrow wisely and only do so if you can make the repayments.