Loan Sharks Near Me In Port Elizabeth 

Loan sharks are unlicensed moneylenders who often target people who are in financial difficulty. They charge very high interest rates and fees, and they may use threats or intimidation to collect their debts.

Loan Sharks Near Me In Port Elizabeth 

In Port Elizabeth, loan sharks are often found in informal settlements and townships. They may operate out of their homes or from small businesses. They may also advertise their services in newspapers or on social media. 

Loan sharks can be a very dangerous option for people who are in need of money. They can trap people in a cycle of debt that is difficult to escape. If you are considering borrowing money from a loan shark, I urge you to think carefully about the risks involved.

List of Loan Sharks In Port Elizabeth 

1. CSC Port Elizabeth Loans Sharks:  

CSC in Port Elizabeth provides accessible cash loan solutions to meet your financial needs. Whether you’re facing unexpected expenses or seeking assistance for personal reasons, CSC offers a convenient avenue to secure the financial support you require.

CSC Port Elizabeth Loans Sharks Contact Details:

Telephone Number:

+27 41 506 9619

Physical Address:

64 Govan Mbeki St, Port Elizabeth Central, Gqeberha, 6000, South Africa

2. KND Finance | Mashonisa Port Elizabeth Loan shark:

KND finance offers short-term cash loans that are simple, easy and fast cash solutions. Our flexible repayment terms are very easy to pay back. you can get Unsecured loans, Personal loans, Short term loans, Cash loans port elizabeth emergencies, Quick cash loans, Debt consolidation loans and Business loans. To apply, click the link below:

KND Finance | Mashonisa Port Elizabeth Loan shark Contact Details:

Telephone Number:

041 4870999

Physical Address:

638 Govan Mbeki Ave, North End, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are loan sharks, and how do they operate in Port Elizabeth?

Loan sharks are illegal lenders who offer loans with extremely high interest rates and often engage in unethical collection practices. In Port Elizabeth, they target vulnerable individuals in need of quick cash and operate outside of the formal financial system.

No, loan sharks are not legal in Port Elizabeth or anywhere in South Africa. Lending money without a licence and charging excessive interest rates is illegal and subject to penalties.

What risks are associated with borrowing from loan sharks in Port Elizabeth?

Borrowing from loan sharks in Port Elizabeth can lead to a cycle of debt due to the exorbitant interest rates. Additionally, borrowers may face intimidation, harassment, or physical harm if they fail to repay the loan.

How can I identify a loan shark in Port Elizabeth?

Loan sharks often operate discreetly and may not provide proper documentation. They avoid regulatory oversight. Signs of a loan shark may include a lack of a licence, exorbitant interest rates, and the use of threats and intimidation.

What should I do if I’ve borrowed from a loan shark in Port Elizabeth?

Seek legal advice immediately. Reporting loan sharks to local authorities is essential to protect your rights and hold illegal lenders accountable.

What are the consequences for operating as a loan shark in Port Elizabeth?

Operating as a loan shark is a criminal offence in many jurisdictions, including Port Elizabeth. If caught, loan sharks can face legal penalties, including fines and imprisonment.


Loan sharks remain a pressing concern in Port Elizabeth, where vulnerable individuals seeking quick financial assistance can fall victim to their predatory practices. 

These illegal lenders operate with exorbitant interest rates and employ coercive collection tactics, endangering the financial well-being of those in need. 

Vigilance and awareness are crucial in avoiding loan sharks, and residents of Port Elizabeth are encouraged to seek legitimate and regulated financial solutions to protect their financial stability.