Loan Sharks Near Me in Johannesburg 

Loan sharks can be recognised by their excessive interest rates and desire to extend credit to their customers. Threats, violence, or illegal tactics are used to forcefully collect the loan.

The majority of loan sharks demand interest costs between 200% and 200%. Because loan shark interest rates are so high, it is best to consider all of these factors before working with any Loan berea company.

Loan Sharks Near Me in Johannesburg 

Loan sharks are illegal in South Africa. They are not registered credit providers and do not follow the National Credit Act (NCA). This means that they can charge excessive interest rates, fees, and penalties. They can also harass borrowers if they fall behind on their payments. 

List of Loan Sharks In Johannesburg 

1. Cash Balance Loan Sharks:

Are you trying to find loan sharks in Johannesburg? The cash balance loans would then be to your liking. A global leader in short-term financing, Cash Balance. Their mission is to assist clients in reaching their financial objectives. 

Visit the company’s website, find and select the register link, fill out the form, and then wait for permission to register for cash balance loans. Since Cash Balance offers 24 hour service seven days a week, you can obtain a loan tonight. 

To apply click the link below:
Cash Balance Loan Sharks Contact Details:




Company Address:

Booysens Branch, Office 7 Xtra Space, 78 Booysens Road, Booysens – Johannesburg.

2. Bridge loans Sharks:

One of Johannesburg’s top mashonisa loan sharks is Bridge Loan. They provide loans as quickly as they can; their services include payday loans, signature loans, bridge loans, and online loans. They charge modest and moderate interest rates because they are a registered organisation. 

According to the National Credit Act 34 of 2005, they are registered as credit providers.

Bridge loans Sharks Contact details:

Contact Number :

087 285 0341

E-mail address:

Website Address: 

3. Moshabi Loans Sharks:

Online loan shark Moshabi operates in South Africa. Moshabi Loans, a licensed loan company in Johannesburg, will provide you quick cash loans even if you have bad credit.

Simple, completely free, and quick acceptance are all aspects of the application process. You can apply online without any difficulties or formalities. 

Moshabi Loans Sharks Contact details:

Telephone Number: 

061 470 6755

Physical Address: 

5th Floor, Ottawa Mall, 94 Helen Joseph St, Johannesburg, 2000

4. Bayport Financial Services Loan Sharks:

Loans for debt consolidation, employee benefits, online personal loans, and many more are all provided by Bayport. 

They have 18 years of experience and have helped South Africans reach their financial objectives. To apply click on the link below:

Bayport Financial Services Loan SharksContact details:

Telephone Number:

 +27 (0) 87 287 4000

Email Address:

Office address:

3 Alice Lane



South Africa

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are loan sharks, and how do they operate in Johannesburg?

Loan sharks are illegal lenders who offer loans with extremely high interest rates and often engage in unethical collection practices. In Johannesburg, they target vulnerable individuals in need of quick cash and operate outside of the formal financial system.

No, loan sharks are not legal in Johannesburg or anywhere in South Africa. Lending money without a license and charging excessive interest rates is illegal and subject to penalties.

What risks are associated with borrowing from loan sharks in Johannesburg?

Borrowing from loan sharks in Johannesburg can lead to a cycle of debt due to the exorbitant interest rates. Additionally, borrowers may face intimidation, harassment, or physical harm if they fail to repay the loan.

How can I identify a loan shark in Johannesburg?

Loan sharks often operate discreetly and may not provide proper documentation. They avoid regulatory oversight. Signs of a loan shark may include a lack of a license, exorbitant interest rates, and the use of threats and intimidation.

What are the consequences for operating as a loan shark in Johannesburg?

Operating as a loan shark is a criminal offense in many jurisdictions, including Johannesburg. If caught, loan sharks can face legal penalties, including fines and imprisonment.


loan sharks remain a pressing issue in Johannesburg, posing significant threats to individuals seeking quick financial relief. 

These illegal lenders operate with predatory practices, offering loans at exorbitant interest rates and employing coercive collection tactics. 

It is crucial for residents of Johannesburg to remain vigilant, avoid loan sharks, and seek legitimate and regulated financial assistance to protect their financial well-being. 

Efforts to combat loan shark activities and educate the public about the risks continue in the city to ensure the safety and security of its residents.