How To Apply For FinChoice Loan In South Africa

FinChoice is a financial institution that provides simple-to-understand loans. One does not need to be an expert to understand how the loan works because they are simple to understand.

How To Apply For FinChoice Loan In South Africa

When you urgently need a loan, you will likely only have time to read through the lengthy terms and conditions if you need a loan. 

However, the FinChoice Loan in South Africa is one of the best loans you can try out.

Some of the things you need to know about this loan will be discussed thoroughly in this article.

Overview of FinChoice Loan

FinChoice is a South African company situated in Cape Town that offers loan services. It belongs to the HomeChoice Group and has full National Credit Regulator approval. 

They not only provide diverse financing alternatives, but they also offer funeral plans to both repeat and new customers.

FinChoice offers loans of up to R40,000 to new consumers. 

The significant aspect is that you can still apply for a loan even if you already have one as a customer.

Why Should I Consider a FinChoice Loan?

  • It has several flexible choices: FinChoice has something for everyone, which will please you if you prefer having many options available. You can be sure to discover a loan choice that meets your needs with loan amounts ranging from as little as R100 up to R40 000 and loan lengths ranging from a few days to 24 months (2 years). 
  • FinChoice is a good alternative if you only need to borrow a modest sum of money for urgent needs because FinChoice is one of the few lenders in South Africa that offers small online loans.
  • Using the website: You can access FinChoice’s loan products online because it is an internet lender. You don’t have to wait in bank lines, which is convenient.
  • Processing loans quickly: Submit all necessary paperwork before 3 p.m. to get your money the same day you apply. FinChoice will transmit the funds immediately after processing your application, albeit it can take up to 24 hours for them to appear in your accounts. You will also get an SMS notification to inform you that your money is now available.
  • You can skip payments: FinChoice enables you to forego loan payments if your finances are tight that month. However, you must confirm that you have made at least one payment in full and are staying caught up on all others.
  • They are trustworthy lenders: FinChoice only permits you to borrow as much as you can afford to comply with the National Credit Act as a registered credit provider. As a result, FinChoice will ask for information about your income along with copies of your pay stubs and bank statements when you apply. By taking affordability into account during the loan application process, FinChoice helps to ensure that your debt is sustainable and that you don’t get caught in the vicious debt cycle.

Services Offered by FinChoice Loan

  1. FinChoice MobiMoney: You must first sign up for MobiMoney to use the FinChoice MobiMoney Facility. By going to, you can activate FinChoice MobiMoney on your smartphone for free. Follow the prompts after entering your ID and phone number. The advantages listed below are available to you once you have access to MobiMoney:
  • You get to take out a loan of R100 to R10,000.
  • Decide whether to return the funds in a month, two, or three months.
  • Only interest on borrowed funds is charged.
  • Wherever you are, apply for a loan and withdraw the funds the same day.
  • You can continue taking out loans and repaying them repeatedly each month.
  1. Options for personal loans: The personal loan from FinChoice is known as a Flexi loan. With the Flexi loan, you can borrow up to R8000 over six months to take care of urgent necessities. You can apply for a new loan if you repay the previous one in less than six months. FinChoice also claims that you can take out a loan up to R40,000 and repay it over a more extended period of 12 or 24 months.
  1.  KwikAdvance: A payday loan is what FinChoice refers to as the KwikAdvance. In a nutshell, the following characteristics of this loan are what you may anticipate:
  • Take out a maximum loan of R3,500.
  • The payment is due upon your upcoming payday.
  • You can apply for a fresh loan if you repay the money earlier than expected.
  1. FinChoice Premier Loan: A premier loan is a lengthy loan with a maximum amount of R30,000. Flexible repayment terms are offered. The tenure can last for a maximum of 36 months. You will be automatically eligible for another loan if you pay off the current one before the deadline. No interest will be imposed on a loan that is paid back and resolved within 14 days. The customer will profit from this. FinChoice offers a personal protection scheme. It is intended to protect you if you lose the ability or capacity to repay the loan due to a death, disability, or layoff.

Eligibility for FinChoice Loan In South Africa

Becoming familiar with the requirements is essential before submitting an application for a FinChoice loan. 

To be qualified for a FinChoice loan, you must:

  • Be a resident or citizen of South Africa.
  • Be at least eighteen years of age.
  • Have a legitimate South African ID.
  • Have a bank account.
  • Possess current pay stubs and a consistent source of income.
  • Must be a consistent FinChoice client.

How to Apply for FinChoice Loan

The steps for applying for a Finchoice loan are listed below:

  • Before you upload your supporting papers, log in to the website and create a unique login.
  • Next, each prospective borrower needs to finish the online application form. Your entire name, phone number, email address, ID number, employment status, and monthly income are among the personal details they will need from you. You must also specify how much money you want to borrow.
  • Finally, upload the documents that must be attached to your application. There is a “Upload documents” option when you log into your account. You may use this option to send in as many papers as are necessary.
  • As an alternative, you might upload your files right to the website. You can include any supporting documentation you may have with your application. Just include the files as an attachment.

Interest Rates and Other Costs at Finchoice

In accordance with the NCA (National Credit Act), FinChoice mandates that borrowers must pay the whole amount outlined in the loan agreement, including the loan amount and any fees and interest. Regarding their interest charges, there is no extra information.

Additional fees need to be broken down; you can only learn about them when applying. 

Unfortunately, no information is provided on the potential loan initiation charge. However, in conformity with NCA laws, the initiation cost is restricted to R1000.

How Do I Contact a FinChoice Loan?

Visit the FinChoice Loans website at  for additional details if you’re interested.

Visit the website, select the “Contact Us” tab, and fill out the form with your information. To provide you with more assistance, a professional will contact you.

You can also contact them at their physical location, Wynberg, Cape Town, South Africa, 78 Main Rd.

Another way to contact FinChoice is to reach out to them via phone calls by dialing +27 86 134 6246

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out whether my Finchoice loan has been approved?

If you have an account on, you may check your loan status to see if it has been authorized or is still pending. 

The loan status can be viewed from the application’s submission date forward.

How do I obtain a FinChoice loan?

You can submit an online application to FinChoice to request a personal loan. 

You will need to enter your personal information, including your name, address, phone number, and the amount you need to borrow.

Can I make additional loan payments?

Yes, you can use FinChoice to make additional loan installments. By doing this, you can pay off your debt more quickly and pay less interest overall.

What fees does FinChoice charge?

For services such as early settlement, late payments, and other ones, FinChoice charges fees. 

These costs change based on the good or service. Before committing to a loan or insurance product, it’s critical to carefully read the terms and conditions to comprehend the fees and costs involved completely.

Does FinChoice have a mobile application?

Yes, iOS and Android users can download the FinChoice mobile app. 

Customers can use the mobile app to access their accounts, request loans, examine the details of their transactions, make payments, and handle their insurance coverage while on the go. 

Customers can receive notifications via the app regarding the status of their accounts and loans. Search for “FinChoice” in the App Store or Google Play Store to get the FinChoice mobile app for free.


FinChoice offers South African borrowers affordable and adaptable lending choices. To use its loan services, check your eligibility, register for an account, choose the right loan product, accurately fill out the application form, and submit it for evaluation. 

Once accepted, carefully read the loan offer terms and make on-time payments to preserve a sound financial position.