How To Apply For Capitec Consolidation Loan In South Africa

Capitec consolidation loan is a financial aid available to those struggling with debt payments in South Africa.

How To Apply For Capitec Consolidation Loan In South Africa

The National Credit Act (NCA) introduced this financial aid so that South African customers could have access to information regarding their credit arrangements. 

As part of the Act, measures were also created to ensure that consumers could access any support they might require to escape debt traps.

Capitec Bank works to offer banking solutions to its customers that make the process simple. Additionally, the bank stresses offering its customers accessibility and affordability.

What Role Does Capitec Bank Debt Consolidation Take In Resolving Debt?

  • By providing you with a new loan to pay off all of your previous debts and leaving you with just one, Capitec can help you if you find yourself paying for numerous store accounts, credit cards, or money lenders. When you consolidate your debt, your monthly payments will be lower, putting more money in your pocket.
  • The other importance of consolidating your debts is that it can raise your credit score, which can help you reduce the likelihood that you will miss or make late payments. You could pay more over a more extended period with a higher interest rate if you consolidate your debt, or even if merging short-term debt, like canceling accounts, might take longer.
  • Keeping and protecting your good credit profile while lowering your monthly payback is just as important as how long it will take to pay back the loan.
  • Depending on your ability to repay the loan over an extended period (84 months), Capitec can extend you a credit of up to R250,000 as a bank that offers loan consolidation.

Why Should I Consider Capitec Debt Consolidation Loan In South Africa?

Debt consolidation loans can be an excellent option to save costs, simplify your monthly payments, and mark the repayment date on your calendar.

Some of the reasons you should consider Capitec debt consolidation loan include: 

  • Reduce debt more quickly. Your credit card repayment period may be prolonged for years if you only make the minimum payment. Even though you’ll pay more each month, a debt consolidation loan may help you pay it off more quickly.
  • When it comes to debt, things may rapidly get out of hand, making it tough to manage payments and get through the month’s end. If this has occurred to you, taking into account a debt consolidation loan can be the best course of action.
  • With debt consolidation, you can elegantly combine several smaller, often unsecured loans into one personal loan. This loan has set monthly payments, so you always know how much you need to pay and when the loan will be entirely repaid.
  • The Capitec debt consolidation loan helps budget and outline your short- and long-term financial objectives. Your approval will depend on your credit history and the evaluation of your affordability, which considers your income and outgoings.
  • There is an 84-month maximum to pay back. You have up to 84 months to repay your loan with the Capitec debt consolidation loan so that you can lower your monthly payment to a comfortable level.
  • Their interest rates are some of the lowest on the market, starting at just 12.9%, ensuring you save money by consolidating your debt.
  • Capitec is a trustworthy banking partner. To many different people, transparency can mean many other things. For Capitec, this entails making sure you are fully aware of the scope of your purchase and its associated cost from the outset. With this level of transparency, you can decide which things are ideal for you and which are just unacceptable.

Benefits of Capitec Debt Consolidation Loan In South Africa

  • Instead of multiple separate repayment amounts, you get one monthly payment.
  • You’ll make fewer payments overall each month.
  • Less missed payments mean you can maintain a strong credit history and raise your credit score.
  • Utilizing our app to monitor credit plan data and balances, as well as to make additional credit repayments, is simple administration.
  • Up to R250,000 in customized credit spread out over 84 months.
  • Credit insurance at a reasonable price for debts longer than six months.

Disadvantages of Capitec Debt Consolidation Loan

  • Unfortunately, taking out a consolidation loan has much higher interest rates. Most borrowers of consolidation loans have a lower credit rating, which is why. A higher repayment is the effect of a higher interest rate. The interest is paid off with most of the monthly payments.
  • Some banking institutions will charge extra costs. Someone with little resources might not be able to afford these up-front costs.
  • Consolidation loans are obtained for a specific period. Most people have a lengthy payback schedule. This can frequently lead to an excruciatingly heavy financial load.

Requirements for Capitec Debt Consolidation Loan In South

  • You must meet the minimal requirements for financing, have a strong credit history, and be able to afford the payments a new loan will require to assure acceptance.
  • You must be at least 18 years old, a citizen of South Africa or a legal resident of that country, earn a steady income, and adhere to Capitec’s affordability standards.
  • Get your supporting documentation ready. Nothing is worse than filling out an application only to start over because you forgot to upload the necessary supporting documents. To avoid this, prepare your identification, most recent pay stubs, and a stamped bank statement before submitting the online loan application.
  • When you can apply for a debt consolidation loan, sign in to Capitec using your online banking or banking app. They will first do an eligibility check before making you a credit offer.

Documents Needed For Capitec Bank Debt Consolidation Loan

  • One of the most essential requirements for debt consolidation is providing proof of income. The lender wants to be sure about the ability to pay back the loan.
  • Lenders will look into your credit history and credit report.
  • Financial stability is essential to lenders since it shows you are a low-risk borrower.
  • One of the most popular debt consolidation loan requirements for larger loans is equity-collateral, such as home equity.

How Can I Manage Debt Consolidation Loan?

Applying for and being approved for a debt consolidation loan is one thing; properly managing the loan is quite another. These four suggestions can assist you in comprehending and managing your new loan:

  • Recognize personal debts: Personal loans make up the majority of debt consolidation loans. These are straightforward loans with reduced interest rates and set terms. However, if you don’t mind a little additional complication, you may also think about a credit card with a 0% introductory APR, a HELOC, or a home equity loan.
  • Discover any extra loan features: It’s a good idea to consider any other characteristics that the lender may provide in addition to the APR. For instance, some creditors will pay off your previous debt for you so that you don’t have to.
  • Once you or your new lender has paid off your old debt, wait until you hear from your previous lender that you have a zero balance before stopping making payments on it. After all, the processing of payments could require a few days. If you unintentionally overpay, you will receive a refund.
  • Configure autopay: When you sign up for autopay, managing your loan becomes much more straightforward. This will make sure that you never miss a payment, preventing you from incurring late payment costs or having your credit report affected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is taking out a loan to consolidate your debt a wise move?

It varies. If you can be approved for a reduced rate, obtaining a debt consolidation loan can help you reduce your debt more quickly while saving money in the process. 

A debt consolidation loan with a longer term can reduce your monthly payments if you’re having difficulties making your payments and don’t mind paying more overall.

How do you become eligible for a loan for debt consolidation?

When it comes to debt consolidation loans, each lender establishes its own eligibility standards. If you have a solid income and a credit score of at least 670, your chances of acceptance are higher.

Can debt consolidation loans lower my credit score?

Yes, your credit score could be negatively impacted by up to five points for a year if you apply for a debt consolidation loan (with a hard credit pull). Your credit score can be impacted if you make late payments. 

But if you constantly pay on time (hint: set up autopay), you’ll typically see an improvement in your credit score over time, as your payment history is the most significant component of your score.


In conclusion, let’s say you’re paying off a car, and you have three separate store cards. You barely have enough money to survive after making your minimal monthly payments.

Consolidating your debt is one strategy to address this issue. You take out a single loan, pay it off all of your existing debt, and are then left with only one loan balance and monthly payment.

The Capitec consolidation loan is one you should try out if you’re having issues paying out your debt.