How To Apply For Sassa Loan Via Cellphone 

How To Apply For Sassa Loan Via Cellphone 

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is a National Agency established in April 2005 to submit and disperse social grants and loans.

Government subsidies, allowances, and scholarships are available, but occasionally they are insufficient. To start a small business or make investments, people need money. Through SASSA loans, the government is providing easy credit to South Africans for this purpose.

Sassa Loan Via Cellphone 

SASSA loans provide a simple way to obtain small loans in an effort to reduce poverty in South Africa.

Requirements For  SASSA Loan

1.Citizenship of South Africa:

 In order to be eligible for loans provided to SASSA grant winners, you normally need to be a citizen of South Africa or have a valid residency permit for South Africa. Your basic eligibility to apply for financial goods within the nation is ensured by this condition.

2.Age Requirement:

Borrowers must typically be at least 18 years old to apply for loans linked to SASSA awards. This age restriction corresponds to the legal age of consent for a loan agreement.

3.Valid Identity Document: 

When applying for loans linked to SASSA grants, you must possess a valid South African ID document, such as a smart card or green barcoded ID book. This certificate serves as evidence of your citizenship and identity.

4.Consistent Income: 

While SASSA grants offer financial assistance, certain lenders can view applicants who receive particular grants, including disability or old age pensions, as having a reliable source of income. This factor is based on how frequently grants are disbursed. The ability to repay the debt will still be considered, though.

5.Bank Account in Your Name: 

For loan disbursements and repayments, having a bank account in your name is essential. In order to provide a seamless and verifiable transaction procedure, loan money is often placed into this account and repayments are taken from it.

Step by Step Methods for Applying for SASSA Loan Via Cellphone 

1.Dial 1303737*1 on your phone: 

This step involves entering a specific USSD code, 1303737*1, on your mobile phone’s keypad. USSD codes are shortcodes used for various mobile services in South Africa.

2.Enter your ID number and click on the calls button:

 After dialing the USSD code, you will be prompted to enter your South African ID number. Once you’ve entered it, you typically press the call or “send” button on your phone to proceed.

3.Get prompts and press one to answer: 

After entering your ID number, you will receive a series of prompts or menu options. In this case, you are instructed to press the number one on your phone’s keypad to respond to the prompts.

4.Provide the PIN obtained at the ATM for security reasons:

 It appears that the system requires you to enter a personal identification number (PIN) that you obtained from an ATM. This PIN likely serves as a security measure to verify your identity.

5.Enter the total amount of your monthly expenses: 

You will be asked to enter the total amount of your monthly expenses. This information may be used to assess your financial situation and eligibility for a loan or grant.

6.Choose the grant or loan and receive instant application status: 

Finally, you will be presented with options to choose the specific grant or loan you are interested in. After making your selection, you will be informed instantly whether your application has been approved or declined.

SASSA Loan Customer Support Contact Details:

SASSA Support Center toll-free number :


WhatsApp number:

082 046 8553

Grant Enquires Office Email:

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the interest rate on a SASSA loan?

According to the particular loan programme and the borrower’s financial situation, interest rates on SASSA loans vary. Loans occasionally have low interest rates or are interest-free. The terms and conditions of your loan must be carefully read before you accept them.

How long does it take for a SASSA loan application to be processed?

Depending on the number of applications received and the particular loan programme, the processing period for an SASSA loan application may change. In general, candidates can anticipate hearing back between 7–14 business days. This period of time could, however, be shorter or longer in some situations.

Can I apply for a SASSA loan if I am self-employed?

If they meet the requirements and can show proof of income, then yes, self-employed people can apply for an SASSA loan. This can show a continuous revenue from their self-employment operations and may include bank statements, invoices, or tax returns.

Can I have more than one SASSA loan at a time?

Typically, SASSA does not let borrowers to hold numerous loans at once. Prior to submitting an application for a new loan, you should concentrate on paying off your present one. If you can show that your financial situation has significantly changed or that you urgently need further help, SASSA might in some situations think about granting you another loan.

What happens if I cannot repay my SASSA loan?

It’s critical to get in touch with SASSA as soon as you can to explain your position if you are unable to repay your loan. They might be able to extend the loan’s term, create a repayment schedule, or offer additional support to make it easier for you to fulfil your responsibilities. Ignoring your loan payback obligations could cost you money, land you in court, or hurt your credit.


For those in need of financial assistance, the SASSA loan application process on a mobile offers simplicity and accessibility. 

Applicants can rapidly determine their eligibility and get real-time feedback on the status of their grant or loan application by completing a short set of procedures. 

To protect sensitive personal and financial data, it’s crucial to proceed with caution and confirm the legitimacy of such services.