How to Locate Capitec Banks Near Me

Capitec Bank is a leading South African financial institution that has gained prominence for its innovative and customer-centric approach to banking.Since its founding in 2001, Capitec has rapidly expanded to become a dependable supplier of easily accessible and reasonably priced financial services to millions of consumers all around the nation. 

Capitec Bank provides a variety of banking solutions, such as savings and transactional accounts, personal loans, credit cards, and other financial products, with an emphasis on simplicity, transparency, and cost-effectiveness. Capitec continues to reshape the South African banking industry through its dedication to financial inclusion and technology-driven solutions, while meeting the varied needs of its expanding customer base.

Features of Capitec Bank 

1. Clear and straightforward banking:

Capitec Bank offers customers clear-cut and transparent banking practises together with simple-to-understand goods and services. They seek to eliminate confusing jargon and hidden expenses from banking procedures.

2. Reasonably priced banking solutions:

 Capitec Bank is renowned for offering affordable banking options. They make banking accessible to a wide range of customers by offering reasonable interest rates on savings and transactional accounts.

3.Digital and Mobile Banking: 

 Capitec Bank uses technology to offer seamless digital and mobile banking services. Customers can monitor their accounts, make payments, and complete other transactions while on the go thanks to their user-friendly app.

4. No-Fee Banking: 

Capitec Bank adheres to the principle of no-frills banking and does not impose monthly account fees for their Global One account., making it an economical option for everyday banking needs.

5. Individualised Financial Counsel:

 Customers of Capitec Bank receive individualised financial guidance from the bank, which enables them to make wise choices and reach their financial objectives.

6. Simple Credit Access: 

Credit is available to qualifying customers thanks to Capitec Bank’s personal loans, which include reasonable interest rates and flexible repayment options.

7. Creative Cost-Saving Methods:

Customers may increase their savings with enticing interest rates thanks to Capitec Bank’s cutting-edge savings products, such as their Fixed-Term Savings Account and Tax-Free Savings Account.

8. Constant Client Support:

 Capitec Bank makes sure that customer service is available around-the-clock, offering assistance and quickly responding to inquiries.

9. Financial Literacy:

 Capitec Bank places a strong emphasis on financial education and equips its clients with the skills and resources they need to become more financially literate.

10. Financial Inclusion is a Focus: 

Capitec Bank is committed to advancing financial inclusion by providing underprivileged populations with easily accessible banking services and goods.

How to Locate Capitec Banks

1.Locator for Capitec Bank Locations: 

Utilise the branch locator on the Capitec Bank website. The tool will show a list of local branches with their addresses and hours of operation when you enter your location or the area where you want to find a branch.

2.  Capitec Bank’s mobile application:

 The branch finder tool in the Capitec Bank mobile app allows you to look up the locations of the branches that are closest to where you are right now.

3. Apps for GPS navigation:

You can also find Capitec Bank locations using well-known GPS navigational tools like Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Waze. The app will show the nearby branches on the map after you enter “Capitec Bank” in the search bar.

4. Speak to customer support: 

To discover the closest branch, get in touch with Capitec Bank’s customer service. They will provide you the address and any other information you require.

5. Locator for In-Branch or ATM: 

There is typically an in-branch or ATM locator available that indicates the locations of other local branches if you are already close to a Capitec Bank bank or ATM.

How to Contact Capitec Bank Customer Support 

Capitec Bank prides itself on delivering exceptional customer support as an integral part of its customer-centric approach to banking.Capitec’s customer care team is committed to attending to any inquiries, issues, or assistance needs of its esteemed customers since they recognise how important dependable help is for a seamless banking experience. This section will examine the numerous ways to get in touch with Capitec Bank customer service, highlighting the value of asking for assistance when needed.

Customer Support Telephone Number:


Customer Support Mail :

Customer Support WhatsApp line:

+27 21 941 0770

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Safe is My Money?

Very. All branch transactions require your card and PIN, with fingerprint biometrics and photographic identification as additional security measures. Biometrics also enables us to track all transactions by service consultants, which ensures that only you can access your accounts and money. Our Mobile and Internet banking services also include security measures to keep your money safe.

What’s the Deal With Daily Card Limits?

The following daily card limits apply to keep your money safe. They can instantly be changed on Internet banking or by visiting your nearest branch.

  • A daily limit of up to R5 000 per day for cash withdrawals
  • A temporary limit of up to R10 000 can be set for up to 3 days
  • A daily limit of up to R50 000 for card machine purchases
  • A temporary card machine purchase limit of up to R120 000 can be set for up to 3 days
  • A daily limit of up to R50 000 for local online shopping and telephone/mail orders
  • A temporary online shopping and telephone/mail order limit of up to R120 000 can be set for up to 3 days
  • International online/telephone/mail order purchases are limited to R50 000 per transaction up to your daily

As an alternative to large amounts of cash, you can use the following options:

  • Use our app to make immediate payments  to any other bank for only R7.50
  • Use our Internet banking
  • Register for Mobile Banking (*120*3279#) and transfer money to any Capitec client using their verified cellphone number
  • Visit a branch and ask our service consultants to do the electronic funds transfer from your account to the beneficiary’s bank account for you. The money will usually be available after 2 working days
  • For direct purchases, you may increase your card purchase limit through our app or at a branch up to a maximum of R120 000 per day for 3 days

For large amounts of cash, you have the following options:

  • Use our app, Internet banking or ask one of our service consultants to increase your ATM withdrawal limit up to R10 000 for up to 3 days
  • Remember that drawing and carrying large amounts of cash is risky

I Need Cash, but can’t find a bank/ATM. What Now?

You don’t need a Capitec branch to access your Global One account. You can pay for your shopping, accounts or fuel with your Global One card at zero purchase fees. You can also use our Remote Banking services (banking app/Internet/*120*3279#) to manage your money any time or place. Remember that if you want to draw cash, you can do it at any PnP, Shoprite, Checkers, Spar and Boxer till point at a lower fee than ATMs. Check out the transaction fees.

Tell me a bit more about your credit card offer

We offer a range of credit solutions that are right for your specific needs. Our access facility gives you up to R500 000 revolving credit to use whenever you need it, while you could get a credit card with a limit of up to R500 000, at an interest rate from prime.

We also offer credit for your needs at specific education, medical, vehicle and home improvement partners. Unlike a traditional personal loan, these loans are offered at a discounted interest rate and over an extended term.

And with Capitec Home Loans you could buy the home of your dreams by applying online in 4 easy steps.

What’s my credit estimate based on?

It’s based on your credit history with other credit providers and a calculation of your affordability. Use our credit calculator for a better idea of what credit costs.

How much interest will I earn on my savings?

You’ll earn interest on a positive balance from the first rand, but the amount will depend on how much is in your account. To earn higher interest rates, consider opening a flexible or fixed-term savings plan. Rates may change from time to time, so check our rates and fees for the latest info or download our savings flyer.

How do I get a global one?

Simplified banking means you can open an account from the comfort of your home. Switch your account, salary and debit orders in a few easy steps. 

Our banking app gives you the control to open your account from anywhere, using just your smartphone. Simply download our app, enter your SA ID number and take a few selfies!

Can international payments be made to Capitec Bank accounts?

We offer competitive currency conversion rates. We recommend that you receive your inward payment in foreign currency as it means you can

  • Receive more rand in your account
  • Receive the money faster and you’ll save on intermediary bank costs
  • Have more competitive fees

Foreign currency payments are automatically converted and available for credit to your account, upon receipt of your Balance of Payment declaration. Read more about international payments.

Can I open an account if I’m not from South Africa?

If you’re not from South Africa and you want to open a Capitec account, we can help you under either of the following conditions:

  • You have a permanent residence permit and are employed
  • You have a temporary residence permit with a work permit and are employed

Do you offer foreign exchange services?

 We offer the following services to individual clients only (business clients are specifically excluded):

  • Issue debit cards that can be used outside of South Africa
  • Help clients receive money from abroad into their accounts
  • Open accounts for foreign nationals who are on contract in South Africa.


Capitec Bank is committed to streamlining banking and giving people access to affordable financial services. Capitec has become a key player in the South African banking sector by putting an emphasis on openness, innovation, and affordability. 

Capitec keeps improving banking through its user-friendly digital platforms, wide range of product offerings, and dedication to financial inclusion. Capitec Bank lives up to its purpose of offering banking that is straightforward, open, and available to everyone through convenient mobile banking, individualised savings solutions, and hassle-free loan applications. 

Capitec Bank has established itself as a valued partner for people looking for dependable and practical banking solutions because to its consistent commitment to putting clients first and fostering financial well-being as the institution expands and changes.