How To Apply For Sanlam Loans In South Africa

How To Apply For Sanlam Loans In South Africa

Sanlam Loan is one of the most convenient and profitable loan companies in South Africa. They have a lot of benefits you can gain from them. A trial will convince you. Please read the below article to learn about them.

Overview of Sanlam Loans

Since 1918, Sanlam has been providing beneficial financial services and generating value for its stakeholders. 

They have their main office in South Africa and are actively engaged in several niche international markets.

Sanlam is categorized as a domestic financial institution of systemic importance in South Africa. 

They support the stability and success of the economy in every market where they operate.

Salam Loans offers financial solutions to private and public sector clients, a diverse financial services organization. 

Individual, group, and temporary insurance are among its offerings, as are personal financial services like estate planning, trusts, wills, personal loans, health management, savings, and connected products.

A percentage of the loan amount is returned to borrowers as bonuses under the Sanlam Loan, one of South Africa’s most cutting-edge personal loan programs. 

Those with personal loan accounts with Sanlam can receive up to 20% of their loan amount as a reward through their money loyalty program.

Account users can better plan their budgets thanks to the fixed interest rate on the Sanlam Loan. 

Each account holder for a Sanlam Personal Loan receives a different interest rate On their loan because Sanlam’s interest is also personalized.

By paying for education, enhancing one’s property, consolidating debts, and other expenses, one can use the Sanlam Loan to improve their life significantly. 

When the loan amount becomes accessible, the borrower must decide what to do.

Both online and over the phone, applications for the loan may be made through the Sanlam website. 

The loan is then transferred into the applicant’s selected account after approval.

Regarding features, Sanlam’s l loan competes with some of the personal loans offered by central banks.

Only those who are employed or self-employed and earn a living can apply for a Sanlam loan. A minimum age of 18 must have passed at the time of application for it to be considered. 

Two different loan amounts can be obtained: a $1,000.00 minimum loan and an R250,000.00 maximum loan.

An individual interest rate is set for the duration of the Sanlam loan and is determined by the borrower. 

The annual interest rate on the loan ranges from 15% to 25%, with 15% being the minimum and 25% being the maximum.

In addition to interest, there are additional charges for the Sanlam Personal Account. A monthly service charge of R69.00 must be paid on the personal loan every month until it is repaid. The other expense is a one-time starting charge of R1,207.50.

Borrowers who take out personal loans can join the Sanlam Reality program. Up to 20% of your repayments may be refunded when you have made 12 consecutive repayments as a Sanlam reality participant.

The loan must be repaid in installments as soon as it is obtained. The loan has a minimum 24-month repayment term. The maximum loan repayment term is 72 months.

Any South African seeking a personal loan will find the Sanlam Personal Loan intriguing due to its reasonable interest rate. If you have a loan account, you can enroll in the Sanlam reality program, which rewards you for making on-time payments. 

Although it is unusual in South Africa, getting some of your repayments back is possible.

Essential Features of Sanlam Loan

  • Up to R300,000 is available in personal loans.
  • You have from one year to six years for repayment
  • Fixed interest rate is normally between  16% and 29.25%.
  • Rates of interest that are specific to you and your risk profile
  • A Personal Protection Plan (loan insurance) is included with every Sanlam Loan.

Advantages Of Sanlam Loan

  • An interest rate that is fixed: Sanlam’s interest rate will not change after Sanlam decides what it will be for your loan. Additionally, by setting your monthly payments, you can more easily organize your finances.
  • The credit is unsecured: you are not required to use your assets as security or collateral for a personal loan with a Sanlam loan. If you don’t pay, you won’t lose your possessions.
  • Life insurance on credit: Sanlam provides a personal loan protection plan that ensures your loan is paid in full in the event of your demise, disability, or layoff.
  • Free credit score every month: To assist you in knowing and comprehending your credit status, Sanlam offers a free tool. Your credit profile will display a summary of your financial health when you register and log in to your Sanlam credit dashboard. This summary will be based on the number of credit accounts you have, the history of payments, and other criteria.
  • Access to Different Financial Services: Additionally, you will have access to several financial tools and services that can help you better manage your money, including linking your bank accounts, tracking loan payments, utilizing a budget tool, chatting with a coach, and learning about different financial products and services.
  • High loan limits: The maximum amount that can be borrowed is excessive and can be applied to whims or desires.
  • Fair repayment period: The maximum payback period is fair and can prevent low-income borrowers from accruing excessive debt.
  • Loan amount Increment: The amount of Sanlam Loans may be raised at any time by R1000.00.
  • High credit score reduces interest rate: Because interest is determined individually, having good credit can result in lower rates. The minimal interest rate is reasonable compared to some South African lenders of personal loans.

Sanlam Loan Requirements

  • A smart ID card or green barcoded ID book in duplicate.
  • Pay Stubs or bank statements for the last three months in a row.
  • A residence document is at most three months old at the time of application.
  • The information about the applicant’s bank account (the one where salary is deposited)

Things to Note Before Applying For a Sanlam Loan

Before applying for a Sanlam loan, there are a few things to remember. While some of these points are advantageous, others must be considered. 

Several of these include:

  • Your repayment duration (which can range from 24 months to 6 years) can be customized to fit your budget.
  • Sanlam will always consider your present financial situation and only lend you what you can reasonably repay. Repayments are fixed for the duration of your loan so that you can easily plan.
  • Once they have made 12 consecutive payments, eligible Sanlam Reality members could receive up to 20% of their loan repayments returned.

Services Offered by  Sanlam Loan

Sanlam provides a range of personal credit options, such as the following:

  • Personal loans: You can request amounts ranging from R5000 to R250000 with 12- to 6-year repayment terms. Your credit profile determines the interest rate.
  • A mortgage: With Sanlam, you may prequalify and submit an application for a home loan with a fixed or variable interest rate. Your monthly income, costs, loan length, and the interest rate you receive all determine how much you are eligible for.
  • Account History: You can reach a credit management coach using this free tool, which informs you about your credit situation. Your finances will remain under control with the aid of the Sanlam Credit Dashboard.
  • Money-saving card from Sanlam: paying a monthly charge will allow you to use this Mastercard everywhere. Credit card use also counts toward your Wealth Bonus and is interest-free for the first 55 days.

How to Apply for Sanlam Loan  

  • First, submit an online loan application to Sanlam. Click apply and enter the required information, including your name, ID number, telephone number, and gross monthly income, to determine eligibility.
  • If approved, you can complete the application and provide documentation showing your income and a clean copy of your South African identification.
  • After approval, the funds will be promptly and directly paid into your bank account.

Interest rates for Sanlam loans

The applicant’s loan payback might be between 24 and 72 months, and the interest rate can range from 18.55% to 24.50% annually (compounded monthly).

Sanlam Loan has advisers on call who are prepared to review applications and begin the credit check assessment immediately. 

Based on the applicant’s unique risk profile, they decide on their interest rate and initiation charge.

How To Contact Sanlam Loans

You can contact Sanlam loans by calling any of these 2 numbers:

  • 0860 726 526
  • (011) 778-6000
  • +27 21 916 5000 +27 11 778-6000 (International)

They are always reachable from 08:00 to 16:00, Monday to Thursday, and 09:00 to 16:00 on Friday.

Sanlam Head Office: 2 Strand Road Bellville, South Africa.

Postal PO Box 1 Sanlamhof, 7532 GPS coordinates 33″45’09.77S 18″38’28.32E

Sanlam Alice Lane

Other Branch Office

  • Sanlam Building 2, 11 Alice Lane Sandton, South Africa. Postal
  • Private Bag X137,
  • Halfway House, 1652

Email Address:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Sanlam student loans exist? 

Sanlam provides personal loans that can be utilized for education purposes.

How long does Sanlam take to place withdrawal?

Approximately 2000 claims are processed monthly, and each withdrawal claim is handled in 4.5 working days. Contributions are promptly invested. 99% of donations are funded the same day they are received.

Do pension loans backed by Sanlam Loans exist?

Pension-backed loans are not a particular product that Sanlam offers. You must submit three recent bank statements or paystubs as proof of income to be approved for a Sanlam loan.


Advantages of Sanlam Loans, their contact information, how to go about their application, and also requirements for the loan are part of what has been discussed in the above article. Please give them a trial today!