How To Apply For Cash Crusader Loan In South Africa


The famous South African store, Cash Crusaders provides a range of services, including loans, always in the form of pawn loans. 

They allow consumers to acquire a loan against their valued products even though they primarily focus on purchasing and selling used goods.

If you require a loan from Cash Crusaders, you can inquire about their lending services by visiting one of their stores. 


They will evaluate the worth of your item and establish the loan amount by that value. Until the loan is repaid, the object will be kept as collateral.

It’s vital to remember that the loan’s terms and circumstances, including the interest rates and time of repayment, may change. It is recommended to call or visit Cash Crusaders immediately.

How Cash Crusaders Loans Work

Cash Crusaders is well-known in South Africa for providing various financial services. 

Of course, lending money is one of their services even though their loans differ from standard loans, where you must meet strict conditions and provide a never-ending list of paperwork to borrow money.

We all know that banks generally need applicants to provide documentation of their income, but what if you do not receive payment through a bank account or operate independently?

This organization offered pawn loans as the helpful hand that many South Africans in this position require. 


These loans are given in exchange for a valuable asset the applicant owns.

Principles of Pawn Loans

The pawn loan is a kind of secured loan in South Africa allows you quick access to cash. This well-known South African pawn store offers loans in less than an hour.

Typically, loans are arranged on a monthly or 30-day basis. The borrower must repay the loan in entire plus interest by the end of the month to risk losing the assets pledged as collateral, or they can pay just the monthly interest rate to extend the loan by one more month.

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As long as the interest is being paid, pawnshops are typically ready to prolong loans indefinitely since they stand to eventually gain more in interest fees than the principal balance of the loan while still keeping the loan collateral as insurance against default.

Pawnshops usually try to lend at most 25% to 50% of the anticipated resale value of the item offered as collateral when determining how much a client can borrow against it.

The pawnshop proprietor must also consider prospective charges for promotion, cleaning, maintenance, storage, and average overhead costs.

The following information will help you understand how Cash Crusaders loans operate:

  • You take out a loan against a valuable asset while having no credit history.
  • Your contact information is required.
  • No initiation fee is required.
  • The service fee, interest, and fees for the loan are specific.
  • You will be given a predetermined time phrase, typically 30 days, to return the money.
  • You don’t need a bank account; your valuables will be seized if you don’t pay back the money.

Pawn Loan Benefits

Loans from pawn shops feature cheaper interest rates. This is because they provide the lender with a guarantee that you will repay the loan. 

They can take your assets if you don’t pay up. As a result, interest rates for secured loans are often cheaper.

Other benefits of pawn shop loans include:

  • Quick access to money
  • You receive money for unforeseen expenses.
  • Obtaining capital is possible if the asset is pricey.
  • Your possessions will be safe with us because we have numerous branches all across South Africa.

Benefits of Cash Crusader Loans

  • The procedure is simple and quick: This is among the most significant benefits of a cash advance. You bring the item with you to the store, agree on a fair price, the thing is taken to be carefully kept, and you are given cash right away. There is no permission process required.
  • No complex prerequisites are needed: Cash Crusader does not demand documents, such as a bank statement or evidence of employment, to obtain a loan against your possessions. This is a massive benefit for independent contractors.
  • Your possession remains solely yours: The customer retains ownership of the object even after it has been pawned. It’s straightforward and secure; you may redeem it as soon as you pay back the loan amount.
  • The National Credit Regulator has Cash Crusaders registration information: This indicates that the costs incurred for short-term loan transactions are by the National Loan Act’s standards.
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Requirements For Cash Crusader Loans

They do not need a credit check because you have left something meaningful with the store or lender. The basic requirements are as follows:

  • You must be 18 years or above.
  • A valid South African ID or passport is also required as identification proof.
  • The pawnshop might request to see ownership documentation because there are many instances of stolen property in South Africa. 
  • A receipt or any other proof demonstrating your ownership of the valuables may be used.

What Possession Can I Use as Collateral at Cash Crusader?

The first step in borrowing money using your possessions is to decide what value you wish to use. Look through your possessions to find something you can use to secure the loan.

You can use many items as collateral for a cash-only personal loan, such as:

  • Jewelry Coins Tools
  • Musical apparatuses
  • Firearms Gadgets 
  • Appliances
  • Mobile Phone Vehicles

You must present identification to receive a 30-day loan from Cash Crusader. The store could occasionally ask to see the receipt for the thing you want to utilize.

The store will demand proof that you own the item used as collateral for the loan.

How To Contact Cash Crusader Loans

Contacting Cash Crusaders loan is very easy as you have various options for this. You can decide to place a call throuh by dialing +27 217 879 800 or visit their website at   

You can also send a mail to [email protected] 

To contact Cash Crusader physically, visit  No 1 Prince George Drive Muizenberg 7945 South Africa Lakeside Place Capricorn Business Park.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit an online loan application to Cash Crusaders?

Yes, everyone is  aware that everything is done online these days. Nearly every business operates online. 

Cash Crusaders is a non-exception, and you may begin the loan application process online. However, because the process requires you to drop off your item, you must complete the transaction in person.

Can Cash Crusaders lend me money?   

Cash Crusaders is well-known in South Africa for providing various financial services and  lending money is one of them. 

However, their loans differ from regular loans, where you must meet strict conditions and provide a never-ending list of paperwork to borrow money. 

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We are aware that banks generally need applicants to provide documentation of their income, but what if you do not receive payment through a bank account or if you operate independently? This organization offered pawn loans as the helpful hand that many South Africans in this position require.

Do Cash Crusaders purchase faulty laptops?

Yes, depending on what’s broken, your laptop might be purchased. For instance, if the battery in your computer dies, they can buy it from you. However, it will be challenging to pawn laptops with more challenging issues.

How much do laptops cost at Cash crusaders?

The amount a pawn shop will pay for laptops needs to be fixed. You only need to take the computer to your local branch to check out how much you can get for it to learn more about how Cash Crusaders loans function. The cost often depends on the specifications and the state of the laptop.

Do Cash Crusaders perform credit checks?

No, the cash crusaders are loans for South Africans without credit checks. Your personal belongings are being used as collateral for the loan.

As a result, you can obtain a loan without having your credit checked and without worrying about being turned down, as you might with a bank loan.

Can I obtain a loan without providing a bank statement?

You can apply for a 30-day loan with Cash Crusaders without providing a bank statement. For the same reasons that no credit checks are conducted, you are not required to produce bank statements. 

You are utilizing your personal belongings as security.

This means that even if you’re unemployed in South Africa, you can still apply for a loan. Or if you are retired or in between employment.

You can apply for a 30-day loan from Cash Crusaders if you have valuable personal property to trade in for your borrowing money.


Finding the money to pay for your desired vacation or new computer may be easier than it first appears. It all boils down to your knowledge of loan providers and available loans. 

Each credit option may pertain to various purchases and may impose different conditions. I’d like you to check out the Cash Crusaders loan, as they are one of the best loan companies in South Africa.