How to Join Illuminati

The Illuminati, often shrouded in mystery and intrigue, is an exclusive group known for offering unique opportunities to its members. Although the Illuminati’s authenticity is disputed, some have argued that its  recruitment process is secret.

How to Join Illuminati

Participation in the Illuminati is, according to available information, by invitation only. Potential applicants who meet specific criteria can receive direct invitations  from the Illuminati through their official channels. 

Those interested can reach out via the official website, or contact Craig Jones on WhatsApp at +27633838611.

Factors to Consider When Joining The Illuminati

Illuminati membership will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Several factors can make a person eligible. Although these criteria have not been fully defined, they appear to play some role in the selection process of potential members.

 Step-by-Step Instructions on how to Join Illuminati

  1. Illuminati membership fee

To start the process, those interested must pay a  registration fee. This fee will be $350 for those residing outside of South Africa and R2,500 for those residing in South Africa. Then, completing payment is the formal receipt and  issuance of a Secret Serial  Number (S.S.C.N) and  letter of acceptance from Grand Lodge Priest.

  1. Communication and Instruction

After payment, the applicant may receive a phone call from the Lord of the Grand Lodge. This call will provide instructions for the later stages of the initiation process. This includes the details of the initiation ceremony, including the date, time, and location.  

  1. Induction Ceremony

After attending the induction ceremony, the candidates are introduced to the global network of the Illuminati Association. The initiation ceremony will be the official introduction to  society and mark the beginning of the journey to become a member. The secret serial code number (S.S.C.N) provided in the invitation  is used for identification during this process.


What is  Illuminati?

The Illuminati are often described as a secretive and exclusive group, believed to bring special privileges and opportunities to its members. However, its existence and intentions are still a matter of debate and speculation.

Can anyone join the Illuminati?

Participation in the Illuminati, as many sources claim, is by invitation only. Those who meet certain criteria can receive invitations through official channels.

How do I get an invitation to join?

Invitations will be sent through the official Illuminati website or by contacting specific people such as Craig Jones on WhatsApp at +27633838611.

What are the conditions to participate?

The specific criteria for joining the Illuminati are not clearly defined. It is believed that individuals are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

How much is the membership fee?

According to the information available, those interested must pay a membership  fee. This fee will be $350 for non-South African residents and R2,500 for  South African residents.

What do I get after paying the fee?

Upon payment, individuals will receive an official receipt,  Secret Serial  Number (S.S.C.N) and  letter of acceptance from Grand Lodge Priest.

What happens after receiving the acceptance letter?

Upon receipt of the  letter of acceptance, the applicant will be contacted by the Lord of the Grand Lodge. This contact provides instructions for the next initiation.

What happens during the initiation ceremony?

The founding ceremony is described as a formal introduction to the Illuminati Association. Candidates are introduced to the network and its members. The secret number (S.S.C.N) of the invitation card is used for identification during the ceremony.


The so-called membership procedure  involves receiving invitations through official channels or from specific people. Membership registration fee will be charged, followed by  issuance of Letter of Acceptance  and Secret Serial  Number (S.S.C.N). The induction ceremony marks the official introduction to the Illuminati Association, where candidates will be introduced to a worldwide network of members.