How To Link Nin To Etisalat Sim (Etisalat Nin Code) – Complete Step-by-Step Guide 2023

How To Link Nin To Etisalat Sim (Etisalat Nin Code) - Complete Step-by-Step Guide 2023

How To Link Nin To Etisalat Sim (Etisalat Nin Code) – Complete Step-by-Step Guide 2023

As an Etisalat/9mobile user, it is expected of you to have had your NIN linked to your SIM card by now. If you have not, chances are that your 9 mobile phone numbers have been blocked, disconnected, or barred from making and receiving phone calls.

If your Etisalat/9mobile SIM card has been disconnected because you are yet to link it with your National Identification Number, then you most likely need the NIN code for Etisalat/9mobile.

In this article, we will be showing you steps to follow to link your NIN to your Etisalat number, and shedding light on things like NIN code for Etisalat/9mobile, Code to link NIN to Etisalat/9mobile, Etisalat NIN code, Etisalat NIN registration code and how to check NIN on Etisalat.

How To Apply For NIN

As long as you are a citizen of Nigeria, you are entitled to a NIN, to receive one all you need to do is visit the NIMC enrollment center closest to you. 

You will need to provide the basic requirements at the NIMC enrollment center. These requirements include:

1. Personal details

2. Valid means of identification

How To Connect Etisalat/9mobile Number To NIN

All the telecommunication companies offering mobile network services in Nigeria including Etisalat/9mobile have different options their subscribers can use to get their NIN linked to their phone numbers. For Etisalat/9mobile users, the most common way to go about it is using the code for linking NIN to Etisalat/9mobile, or Etisalat code to link NIN.

The different alternatives for linking NIN with phone numbers include:


2. Using Etisalat NIN portal

3. Using NIMC Mobile App.

1. Making Use Of USSD

The USSD code for Etisalat/9mobile is *200*8#. This code works without any internet connection, you can simply dial it on your phone to get your NIN and etisalat number linked.

Attaching your NIN to your Etisalat line using the Etisalat NIN link code (USSD) can be done in 3 simple steps:

i. Dail *200*8#

ii. Enter your 11-digit National Identification Number

iii. Enter the details and send.

2. Using 


An alternative to using the Etisalat NIN registration code, is the Etisalat NIN portal. The steps to connecting your NIN through the Etisalat portal is:

1. Visit

2. Input your Etisalat/9mobile Number

This is an easy alternative to using Etisalat code to link NIN and works at any given time of the day, provided you have an internet connection.

3. Using NIMC Mobile App

The third option for linking your NIN to your Etisalat number is making use of the NIMC mobile app. Using the NIMC mobile app is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is:

i. Download the NIMC mobile app

ii. Open the app

iii. Tap on the “My Devices” button on the lower right part of your dashboard

iv. Click on “Add Mobile Number” then input the number you want to link to your NIN

v. Fill in the OTP (one-time password) you received on the number you inserted

How To Retrieve NIN On Etisalat

If you have linked your NIN to your Etisalat number earlier, and you need to check or retrieve the NIN for any reason, you can do so by simply dialing the code to check NIN on Etisalat which is *346#.


Can I Retrieve My NIN Using The NIMC App

If you have successfully attached your NIN to your Etisalat phone number using the Etisalat NIN link code or any other means, you can always retrieve or check your NIN when you need, using *346# or the NIMC mobile app. To retrieve your NIN using the NIMC app follow the steps below:

1. Download the NIMC mobile app

2. Open the app

3. Press the show my ID button on the home screen.

Can I Use BVN In Place Of NIN

Even after completing your BVN registration, you still have to enroll for a National Identification Number (NIN), failure to do so will hinder your access to the NIMC mobile app and mobile network services. The National Communication Commission has made it clear that every Nigerian is expected to have a National Identification Number (NIN).

How Can I Update My NIN

What If you lose or change your number and need to update the phone number linked to your NIN? You can simply walk into your nearest NIMC center with documents that back your claims containing an application letter. At the submission of backing documents, you will get a form for data modification where you will fill in your updated details.


The National Identification Number (NIN) is a must-have for every Nigerian citizen, and is a good initiative that helps organize population statistics. The NIN also helps track and curb criminal activities, but we need to guard them to prevent cases of identity theft.

Despite the ease of registration and success of the initiative, you might encounter some glitches while trying to register or link your NIN to your number like error messages, timeouts, and inconclusive entries.

This is why the NCC has made other methods of linking your number available. It’s best to try another way if the method you tried doesn’t work