Letter Of Application For Loan – How To Write One [Step By Step Guide]

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Letter Of Application For Loan - How To Write One [Step By Step Guide]

Letter Of Application For Loan – How To Write One.

Sometimes applying for a loan can be a difficult task if you don’t know how to write a letter for a loan application. If you are planning to apply for a loan without sufficient knowledge of letter writing, you are likely to make mistakes that will make your loan application process not be accepted. 

When writing a letter for a loan application, some factors must be implemented to make the process easy. In this article, we will discuss intensely how to write a letter of application for a loan and keynotes to consider when writing a letter of loan application. 

We will conclude this article by answering some of the most frequently asked questions you may have in mind. Stay tuned and pay close attention.

How To Write A Letter Of Application For a Loan 

There are so many loan platforms across the country right now. Applying for a loan requires a letter of application from the borrower to the lender. 

This application letter is part of the requirements to obtain a loan from the platform. How this application letter is written determines whether your loan application process will be accepted. 

It is pertinent to be careful when writing a loan application letter. There are Grammar and spelling that must be included to make your letter topnotch, to make it catch the attention of your audience, and ultimately help you in securing a loan for yourself.

An in-depth understanding of how to write a loan request letter is needed and will be an effective way to obtain a loan. Getting a loan from any financial institution requires writing a clear and well-written letter. 

Among the many things such a financial institution requires, a letter is an integral part of it. To write a good letter of a loan application, follow the steps below; 

  1. Add the basic information about the business
  2. Mention the purpose for which you need the loan
  3. Assure the lender of repayment on time
  4. Conclude and close

1. Add The Basic Information About The Business 

This is the first step to writing a communicative, informative, and persuasive business loan request. The first thing to do is to begin with a greeting and a header. For your header to be effective, it has to include some lines providing some of the basics of your business loan request. 

Ensure you add a greeting along with the header, and remember to start the letter with a courteous tone. When adding basic information, here is some information that must be included.

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your business name
  • Your business address
  • Name of loan agent or lender
  • Contact information of lender or loan agent
  • Subject line with the requested loan amount. 

However, if you are writing a business loan request letter for an organization, add the legal name and status of your business, your business’s current annual revenue, details of the business operations, how long it has been in operations, the current number of employees and annual net profit. 

Providing such information will help the platform check and crosscheck if you are eligible for the loan you wish to obtain and if you can repay the loan within the agreed period. 

2. Mention The Purpose Of The Loan

After you have covered the basics of the business, the next important thing you need to do is to explain clearly and briefly how you intend to use the loan if given to you. When writing this point, choose persuasive words to convey your intention. 

Explain to the organization or platform why they should give you this loan, what you intend to do with the loan, and how much you believe the loan will help turnover in your business. 

3. Assure The Lender Of Repayment 

This is an essential aspect of your loan application letter. After the first two points listed above, the next thing is to assure the lender of your repayment ability within the agreed period. Your focus should be on demonstrating how you plan to repay the loan and the duration, including the interest that comes with it. 

When writing this part, use persuasive words that will help convey your message with a deeper meaning to the company or organization. As proof of your personal finance and credit history, you can also list your history of sound financial decisions. Your lender is more likely to approve your loan if you highlight any specific financials about your business.

4. Conclude And Close 

One of the things that will help your loan stand out is being brief and straight to the point. When closing the letter, remember to convey that if your lender grants you the loan, you would appreciate it and use it effectively and repay within the agreed period. 

When writing your loan application letter, be courteous and professional. This will help you avoid the rejection of your loan application. As a concluding paragraph, request that the loan officer review your application and express your eagerness to speak with them soon, followed by your signature.

Template For Letter of Loan Application 

Here is a format of a loan request letter you can refer to:


[Company name]



[Lender name]

[Lender title]

[Lender institution name]


To whom it may concern

This letter requests a [kind of loan] loan in the amount of [amount] for [purpose]. [Add details of your business]

I have included all the required documents for your convenience. I have read all the terms and conditions for the loan, and I request for [duration of time] to repay in full. 

The repayment will be made in [mention the number of installment] installments. Kindly view the attached business proposal for your consideration. In case of questions, you can reach out to me at [add contact details].

I hope you approve my loan at the earliest.

Thank you. I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely,

[Your name]

Frequently Asked Questions 

Must I include My Signature In The Letter? 

Yes, you have to include your signature. It will help make your letter look professional.

How do I ask for a loan?

You can respectfully request a loan by submitting a loan request letter. A loan request letter is a detailed written request that includes how much money you need, why you need money, how you intend to repay, and if this is a one-time or recurring request.


A letter of loan application is essential if you want to secure a loan from the bank. We have outlined how to write one and an amazing template for you. 

We believe that this article was helpful. Free to ask questions in the comments section.