How To Link Nin To Mtn Sim (Mtn Nin Code) – Complete Step by Step Guide

How To Link Nin To Mtn Sim (Mtn Nin Code) - Complete Step by Step Guide

How To Link Nin To Mtn Sim (Mtn Nin Code) – Complete Step by Step Guide On Linking Nin To Mtn Sim.

Have you ever needed to get MTN NIN code to link your nin code to your MTN sim card ?. If you are observant, you will have noticed that everyone is in a sudden rush to link their NIN using the MTN NIN link code.

The National Communication Commission has instructed all mobile users in Nigeria to get their sim cards linked to their National Identification Numbers (NIN) or suffer disconnection from their network service providers. To avoid disconnection you will have to use the NIN MTN code to get your NIN registered with your MTN line.

In accordance with the NCC standards, various network service providers have rolled out ways their clients can link their National Identification Numbers to their phone numbers, and the same is the way for the telecommunication giant MTN.

In today’s post, we will cover how MTN code for NIN and how to link NIN to MTN phone numbers in no time.

NIN Code For Mtn 

The code to link NIN to MTN line is *785* your NIN Number #. All you need to do is Input *785*your NIN Number# into your dial pad and then dial. If done correctly, the NIN number you entered will be linked to your mobile phone number.

An alternative to dialing the MTN NIN code is to visit the MTN online NIN page with the url:, then follow the instructions to get your NIN linked to your MTN mobile number.

There are other ways of linking your NIN to your MTN line without using the MTN NIN link code, if you don’t want to go through using MTN code to link NIN, you can install the MyMTN app on your phone and submit the necessary details to get your MTN number linked to your NIN (National Identification Number).

Note that the NIN you submit will be subject to further check and verification by the NIMC.

Code To Check NIN On Mtn

There is a code for NIN on MTN that you can use to check your NIN on the MTN network, you only need to dial the USSD code *785*3# or send NIN as sms to 785. Once done, you will receive a response with your National Verification Number instantly.

Why Do I Have To Link My NIN To My Mtn Number

Sometime in December 2020, the federal government advised all Nigerians to get their SIM cards linked to their national identification number. If you have an already existing NIN, it’s easy to use the NIN MTN code to link your MTN number to your National Identification Number.

The NIN is a unique string of numbers assigned to every Nigerian Citizen for Identification and other purposes.

Following the directive from the NCC mobile users that fail to link their NIN to their SIM cards will be barred from making and receiving calls. Failure to link your phone number to your NIN will have direct implications on your daily interactions as you may not be able to communicate via your mobile phone.

If your line has been barred or disconnected, you can easily use the NIN MTN code to verify your identity and get your number re-connected and unbarred.

How Do I Get A National Identification Number

You can’t use the code for linking NIN to MTN if you don’t have a NIN in the first place. NINs are not given automatically or randomly. You have to apply for a National Identification Number if you don’t have one, before linking it to your mobile number.

You can apply for a NIN (National Identification Number) using the following steps:

Step 1

Fill in the form online with the correct information

  1. visit the URL  to fill out the NIMC pre-enrollment
  2. Ensure you fill all mandatory fields with correct information
  3. After that download and print the pre-enrollment slip

Step 2

Submit Application

  1. Visit the NIMC registration center closest to you with valid and original documents.
  2. Get your details verified by an enrollment officer at the center
  3. Proceed to capture your biometrics including fingers and facial image and get a transaction ID slip to show you have enrolled for your NIN

Step 3

Get Your NIN

  1. Usually you should receive your National Identification Number within 2 – 3 working days after completing your biometrics at the enrollment center.
  2. It is possible that your NIN takes longer than 3 working days in some cases depending on NIMC validation
  3. Present your ID slip to collect your NIN slip and complete enrollment.

Can I Link My NIN To Multiple SIM cards?

Yes you can, but you can’t use NIN code for MTN to link AIRTEL or GLO or any other network service provider.

A lot of people have multiple SIM cards for various reasons. Most people do so to have separate numbers for work and personal calls. It’s a no-brainer that you will have to link both numbers to avoid them getting barred or disconnected in accordance with NCC rules and standards.

Hence if you have multiple SIM cards, Yes you can have them all linked to the same NIN. The federal government is aware that some individuals might need to have multiple SIM cards and has encouraged that they link all sim cards/numbers to their National Identification Number. If your multiple numbers are MTN numbers you can use the same code to link NIN to MTN for all the numbers, but if they not you will need to find NIN codes for the other network service providers.


How Many Numbers Can I Link To My NIN

The federal government acknowledges the fact that some Nigerians might have multiple numbers and will have to link them to the same national identification number, or risk being barred or disconnected by their network service providers. However, the maximum number of numbers that can be linked to one NIN is 7, meaning seven phone numbers per individual.

Can I Link My Numbers From Different Network Service Providers to My NIN

Yes, you can link numbers from multiple network providers to the same NIN, but the MTN code for NIN wont work for other network service providers.  Provided the numbers have not been previously linked to any National identification number. You can link up to seven numbers from different Network service providers to your NiN.

How Long Does It Take To Link My Mtn Sim card To My NIN?

It takes within 1 to 5  working days to get your NIN linked to your MTN phone number once you enter MTN NIN registration code. You can link your MTN sim card to your NIN in a day, you can punch in the code that is used to retrieve NIN to find out if your Identification number has been successfully linked to your sim card


Linking your MTN sim card to your NIN is pretty simple. All you need to do is follow the steps listed above and dial the MTN NIN link code. Do note that if you don’t have an existing National identification Number or a profile with the NIMC the NIN code for MTN won’t work for you. You will have to apply for a NIN before linking it to your sim card. Drop a comment if you want us to go through the steps to link your NIN to other network providers.