How To Link Nin To Glo Sim (Glo Nin Code) – Complete Step-by-Step Guide 2023

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How To Link Nin To Glo Sim (Glo Nin Code) - Complete Step-by-Step Guide 2023

How To Link Nin To Glo Sim (Glo Nin Code) – Complete Step-by-Step Guide On How To Link Nin To Your Glo Sim 2023.

Is your Glo number disconnected and unable to make calls? If yes you need the Glo NIN code to reconnect and continue making use of your mobile number. There are various methods you can use to link your NIN to Glo number.

It is now mandatory that every Nigerian should attach their NIN to their sim cards. Following this directive Glo has created a NIN code (USSD) for linking NIN to GLO numbers.

Although this is not the only way to link your Glo line and NIN, there are other methods including using the NIMC mobile app and visiting the GLO NIN portal. The most common and convenient method is using the NIN code for Glo.

The new development has been steering a lot of questions like what’s the code for Glo NIN, what’s the Glo link NIN code, what the code to register NIN on Glo is, and how to know if you’ve successfully linked.

In this post, we are going to break down different ways you can link NIN to the Glo number. If you are in need of Glo NIN link code, read this article to the end to discover Glo code for NIN registration.

How To Get NIN

Before you can make use of the code for linking NIN to Glo, you must have a NIN. If you don’t have a National Identification Number there’s no reason to worry you can enroll for one through the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC).

All you need to present when applying are your personal details and a valid means of identification. After that, you will be given a slip with your National Identification Number (NIN).

Link your NIN to Glo

The NIN code for Glo is *109#. This Glo NIN code is fast and easy to use and works for only Glo users, all you need to do is Dail *109*NIN# on your Glo line to link your NIN.

Glo subscribers who have already linked Their NIN to their numbers and can’t remember their NIN can retrieve their NINs using *346#. It’s important to note that *346# is the code to check NIN on Glo for subscribers who have linked their NIN to Glo numbers and is not the code used to link NIN to Glo.

Methods of Linking NIN to Glo numbers

  1. Using Glo NIN portal

Goto Gloworld NIN portal at

Impute your personal details into the required fields i.e: Name, Phone number, NIN, and Email address.

Conclude your application by a two-digit number displayed on your screen and hit submit.

  1. Using SMS

Glo users who have applied for and received their NIN through NIMC can simply send a NIN to 109 or send UPDATENIN NIN FirstName and LastName to 109 take for example “UPDATENIN 6544227819 John Doe to 109”.

  1. Registering Through Voice Call

Glo subscribers can call 109 and follow the voice prompt to update their National Identification Number.

  1. Using NIMC Mobile App

Another method you can make use of to get your Glo number to NIN is by downloading the NIMC mobile app. Before going ahead to use this method it is required that you must have a National Identification Number issued by NIMC to enable you to receive an OTP code that will facilitate your access to the app.

Once installed, follow the instructions in the mobile app to get your NIN linked to your Glo line.

  1. Using USSD CODE

The easiest way to link NIN to Glo number is by using Glo code for NIN. This method is as simple as dialing *109# on your phone. *109# is Glo NIN registration code and only works for Glo subscribers.

Why Do I Have To Link MY NIN to Glo

Glo users have been searching for Glo code for NIN since the Federal Government Of Nigeria and The Nigerian Communications Commission made it compulsory for all mobile users in Nigeria to link their NIN to their SIM cards.

This directive was made to reduce crimes like kidnapping, terrorism, and fraud amongst others, and also to enhance security in the country. The Nigerian government through the NIMC is compiling a database of Nigerian citizens and their identities and this new development is one of the steps taken to foster the progress of the data.

Linking your NIN to your phone number is not as difficult as it sounds, and every approved network service provider in Nigeria has devised different ways to ensure their subscribers find seamless ways to link their NIN and mobile number.


What is NIN?

The NIN is a short abbreviation for National Identification Number. This identification number is a unique 11-digit code used as a means of digital identification that binds an individual’s biometrics and personal information.

In essence, the purpose of the NIN is to tie every individual to their fingerprints, passport photo, signature, and demographic, geographic, and biometric information. Making it easy to identify every citizen of Nigeria inside and outside the digital space (internet).

All mobile network service providers have made it easy for their subscribers to link their NIN however there is no general NIN that works for all SIM cards, for example, Glo NIN code will only work for Glo subscribers.

What Is The NIN Code For Glo?

The Glo code to link NIN is *109*YOUR NIN# or *109# linking your Glo number to your NIN using Glo NIN code is very easy just go to your dial pad and dial *109# and follow the instructions or dial *109*NIN# and follow the prompt.

How To Check My NIN On Glo?

If you have previously linked your NIN to Glo you can always retrieve or check your NIN with the code to check NIN on Glo *346#. This code is only for those who have already enrolled for NIN through NIMC and have registered their NIN on their global lines. If you just want to link your NIN you will have to use the Glo NIN link code which is *109#.

Can I Unlock My SIM without NIN?

You cannot unblock your SIM without NIN if you’re going to unblock your sim, you will have to enroll for and get a National Identity Number (NIN). After getting your NIN you will have to Link it to your SIM card to then unbar it.


If you still haven’t linked your Glo or any other Network to your NIN and are wondering if you should, you should get it done. That’s the only way to fully utilize your SIM cards and their services.

Linking your NIN to your Mobile number is not a complicated task, you only need to find the NIN link code peculiar to your mobile network service provider, for example, if you use Glo, simply use the Glo NIN link code and you can easily.