How To Link Nin To Airtel Sim (Airtel Nin Code) – Complete Step by Step Guide 2023

How To Link Nin To Airtel Sim (Airtel Nin Code) - Complete Step by Step Guide 2023

Complete Step by Step Guide 2023 On How To Link Nin To Airtel Sim (Airtel Nin Code).

Has your Airtel mobile number been disconnected due to failure of complying with the NCC directive of linking your NIN to your Mobile number? If yes you will need the Airtel NIN code.  There are several ways you can link your NIN to your Airtel line, and they include using the NIN Airtel code (USSD), Using the NIMC mobile app, and visiting

Entering the Airtel NIN code to check if your NIN has been linked is the first thing to do when going about verifying your Airtel NIN link. Sometime back in 2020, The Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) under the instructions of the Federal Government Of Nigeria Made it a mandatory requirement for all Mobile users to link their NIN to their telephone numbers. 

It’s no secret that every Airtel user in Nigerian has to link their NIN to their Airtel numbers to continue making use of the mobile network services, and since then there has been a lot of speculations about what Airtel NIN code is, NIN Airtel registration code, how to get the code to link NIN to Airtel, and how to check if you have successfully linked your NIN to Airtel. 

In this post, we will be explaining how to link your NIN and Airtel number using Airtel code for NIN and other methods, so if you are in need of Airtel NIN code, ensure you read till the end.

How To Enroll For Airtel NIN

Every mobile user in Nigeria has to comply with the NCC rule that has made it mandatory for all SIM cards to be linked with NIN. To be able to make use of the NIN code for Airtel, you will need to have a NIN or enroll for one if you don’t. 

If you haven’t gotten your NIN, you can easily get one by applying for it. The NIMC (National Identity Management Commission) is responsible for disbursing NINs to Nigerian citizens, you can easily apply for a NIN by visiting the NIMC outlet closest to you. 

Requirements For Airtel Nin Registration

When applying the requirements for successful registration are your personal details,  and a valid means of identification. Once you can present the requirements you will be handed a slip with your National Identification Number on it.

How To Link Airtel number to NIN

Mobile network service providers have various options for people who want to link their NIN to their mobile numbers. They have the options of using USSD Code, Using Airtel NIN portal, and NIMC Mobile app.

1. Using USSD

The USSD NIN code for Airtel is *121*1#, all you need to do to get your Airtel number and NIN linked is: 

i. impute the code to link NIN to Airtel *121*1# on your dial pad.

ii. Dial the code on your Airtel line.

iii. Enter your 11 digit National Identification Number and hit enter. 

Alternatively, you can:

i. Dial *121#.

ii. Choose option 1 on the menu.

iii. Impute your national identification number. 

This is not the only method for linking your NIN and Airtel number but might be the easiest of all the options.

2. Using Airtel NIN Portal

If you don’t want to make use of the Airtel NIN code to link your phone number and National Identification Number, you can make use of the Airtel NIN portal. To do this you will need to:

i. Open your browser

Ii. Go to 

iii. Fill in your NIN and Airtel number to get a one-time password to proceed

iv. Enter the OTP you receive

v. Hit submit when done. 

At the completion of these steps, you should receive a message that says “NIN has been submitted successfully”.

3. Using NIMC Mobile App

If you do not want to make use of the Airtel code for NIN and the Airtel NIN portal to Link your national identification number to your phone number, another alternative is to get your NIN attached to your phone number using the NIMC Mobile app. 

This method is also pretty simple, all you need to do is:

i. Download the NIMC Mobile app on your device.

ii. Enter your national identification number. 

iii. You will receive an OTP (One Time Password), fill in the OTP to verify the phone number is yours.

iv. Click on the button that says “My Device”.

v.  On the My Device page, fill in your mobile number 

vi. Enter the OTP received to conclude the process.

Code To Retrieve NIN on Airtel

Before you can check your NIN or make use of the code to retrieve NIN on Airtel, you have to have enrolled for and received a NIN and a National ID card, because the National ID usually contains a NIN number. 

If you have previously gotten your National ID card and National Identification Number, you can make use of the code to retrieve NIN on Airtel which is *346#. Retrieving your NIN on your Airtel line is as easy as dialing *346# on your Airtel line.


Why Must I Link My NIN To My Number

Every Nigerian is expected to have their NIN linked to their phone numbers in order to confirm their identity. This became mandatory following NIMC (National Identity Management Commission) and the Federal government’s instructions back in December 2020. 

The penalty for not linking your phone number to your NIN is disconnection from your mobile network service provider, hence to keep enjoying the services of your mobile network service and SIM card, you will have to get your NIN linked to your phone number.

What Is The Code For Linking NIN On Airtel

The Airtel Code to link NIN is *121*1#.  To connect your Airtel number and NIN:

i. Dial the Airtel link code *121*1#

ii. Enter your 11-digit National Identification Number and 

iii. Press enter. 

As an alternative, you can:

i. Dial *121#

ii. Select option 1

iii. Then impute your national identification number

iv. Complete NIN capture. 

While there are other ways to link your NIN and Airtel phone number, this one may be the simplest.

Can I Unlock My Sim Without a NIN?

Without NIN, you cannot unlock your SIM. To unlock your number, you must register for and obtain a National Identification Number (NIN). You must link your NIN to your SIM card in order to unlock it.

How Many Phone Numbers Can I Link To My NIN

The maximum amount of phone numbers you can link to your NIN is 7. Network service providers and the federal government recognize the need for individuals to have more than one mobile number and have given everyone the liberty to have and register up to 7 phone numbers to their national identification numbers.


You can easily link your mobile number to your NIN using the Airtel NIN code and even check your NIN through the code to check NIN on Airtel. If you are yet to get your phone number registered, endeavor to do so in order to create a safer environment and to benefit from the services of your mobile network provider. 

The NIN phone number link was instigated for the safety of every Nigerian and to curb fraud and other criminal acts that can be done using a mobile number.