How To Become An Agent With ReadyCash – Easy Step By Step Guide

How To Become An Agent With ReadyCash - Easy Step By Step Guide

How To Become An Agent With ReadyCash.

With the mass of people opting in for the loan option today, it is not a surprise if loan platforms require more agents. And that’s why we’re going to talk about how to become an agent for one of  Nigeria’s loan platforms- ReadyCash. 

Before we do that, let’s tell you all we know about ReadyCash.

What Is ReadyCash?

 ReadyCash is a Nigerian Loan Platform that prides itself on its ability to help people solve their financial issues by taking a loan.

 The organization is owned by Parkway Projects and was founded in 2012.

This group recruits agents who dedicate themselves to providing financial services to people. The recruits are also given the chance to earn money through this means and to employ other interested participants under them. 

ReadyCash is a CBN-licensed company that lets users make use of the Readycash app to make transactions and get loans. After signing up, you get a virtual wallet that helps you with all of these transactions.

What Services Does ReadyCash Offer? 

1. You can send and withdraw money. ReadyCash does not only give loans, it provides other services as well. 

With the ReadyCash app, you can send money to any bank in Nigeria as long as you have money in your wallet. Additionally, you can withdraw cash from your banks through ReadyCash POS or agents.

2. You can pay bills with ReadyCash. The ReadyCash has features that allow you to pay bills (like your electricity bill or cable bill) conveniently.

This is even better if you are an agent as you will get cashback on every transaction you make. 

You don’t need much, all you need to do is help people solve their problem of paying electricity bills. And you can do this on your ReadyCash app.

3. You can also buy Airtime and data with the ReadyCash app.

You will also get cashback when you buy airtime and data with your ReadyCash app.

This is another beautiful opportunity for ReadyCash agents. People need data and airtime from time to time and would love to buy these at a good rate (especially data).

As an agent, you would be opportune to sell data at a surprisingly reasonable rate. This is good business for you.

With all of these points, I know your next question will be about what it takes to become an agent. Keep reading.

What Are The Requirements Needed To Become A ReadyCash Agent?

Becoming a ReadyCash agent requires very easy steps. And note that anyone can be an agent for ReadyCash.

The requirements you need to become an agent are:

1. A government-issued valid ID.

ReadyCash wants to know their agent so it is important to present a valid government-issued ID. 

You don’t have to take it to their office, you can either capture your ID or upload it via your device. 

To do this, you would require a well-lit environment as this will help to capture the face on your ID perfectly. 

2. Your valid utility bill.

Your utility bill is Important and it shows your address. This is done to prevent scammers who want to disguise themselves as agents by filling in a different address in their home address.

3. A clear image of yourself.

This is always in form of a selfie. 

Before taking a picture of yourself, make sure there’s enough lighting in your room or environment. 

It is advisable to take this picture in a well-lit environment because it will help your camera capture every part of your face. This way, your selfie will not be different from the picture on your ID 

They ask for these requirements to prove the authenticity of your account.

How Do I Become An Agent For ReadyCash?

Becoming a ReadyCash is actually easy. There is no rigorous process attached to it. Here are the steps you need to follow if you want to become a ReadyCash agent:

1. For Android users, go to your Google Play Store. Click on your search bar and type in “ReadyCash Agent App”, then click on the search icon. This will bring out the app icon which you can click on to download. For iOS users, go to your iOS app store and follow the same procedure.

2. After installing, open the app. As a new user, you would be asked to create an account. Sign in with your phone number or email as you follow the directives from the app.  Make sure to fill out the registration form correctly before submitting it.

3. The third step is to be patient. Here, you’ll need to wait for feedback from ReadyCash. 

ReadyCash will send you feedback about the success of your process within 72 hours. It should be sent to your email.

It is important that you check your mail from time to time.

4. If you meet all requirements and you fill in your details correctly, you will be approved. After getting your approval mail, you will receive an agent ID, a pin, and a password with which you can make your mobile money transactions.

5. Begin to work as an agent.

This is the best part. You have successfully followed all procedures. 

You can now open your app to see how it works.

You can try out a few personal transactions to get familiar with how the app works. With this in place, you’re good to go.

Are ReadyCash Agents Limited To Apps Alone?

The answer is No. You don’t have to work as ReadyCash’s mobile agent alone.

You can also work as a POS agent for ReadyCash. And the beautiful part is that every ReadyCash POS agent is entitled to one POS machine to make transactions easy.

How Do I Get A Free POS From ReadyCash?

To get the machine, you need to:

1. Pay a collateral fee of N10,000.

2. Meet the transaction target for the month. The minimum transaction volume in a month is N2,000,000(two million naira). 

3. You will also need to for delivery. The machine will be delivered to you wherever you are.   

Is There Any Alternative To POS? 

If you know that you can’t meet up with the POS monthly minimum transaction volume then you may want to go for a Pin Pad. It’s a good alternative but it is not free.

However, you don’t need to meet up with any monthly transaction volume and the pad is directly linked to your ReadyCash agent account.

You also don’t need any collateral.

How Can I Get ReadyCash’s Pin Pad?

The pin pad machine is similar to the POS machine but you can use it to withdraw and deposit at charges different from the POS machine. To get a pin pad, you need to pay N20,000 which is the cost of the pin pad.

How Do I Contact ReadyCash To Resolve Issues?

ReadyCash is a good app and will seldom have issues. Should any transaction issues occur, there’s a customer care team that will help you out.

From your app, navigate to the Help or Support option, click on this, and state your complaint.

You can also contact ReadyCash company through the following ways:

1. By visiting their office at 295 Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba, 101245, Lagos, Nigeria.

2. Calling their phone number, 01 454 3219

3.  Using their website to lodge your complaint,

4. Or sending them a mail to,

Whatever way you choose, you’d get optimum help from the customer care team.


Becoming a ReadyCash agent is easy and stress-free.

The only part that would involve paying is if you choose to work as a POS agent or purchase their Pin Pad. Either way, there will surely be an increase in revenue for you too. 

If you wish to become an agent, don’t hesitate to follow the steps listed above.