Abbey Mortgage Bank – 5 Easy Steps to Obtain a mortgage loan

Abbey Mortgage Bank – 5 Easy Steps to Obtain a mortgage loan

Abbey Mortgage Bank – 5 Easy Steps to Obtain a mortgage loan.

The purpose of Abbey Mortgage Bank is to make it easier for people to buy homes, which is a top concern for most Nigerians. Basically, a large percentage of Nigerians still consider owning a home to be a pipe fantasy for a variety of reasons. This includes having insufficient funds and resources to buy properties in a single purchase. However, you can easily make such a fantasy a reality with a premier organization like the Abbey mortgage bank.

About Abbey mortgage bank

Abbey Mortgage Bank is one of the top mortgage banks at the time in the country and is one of the 70 primary mortgage banks (PMB) with a license from the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria and the Central Bank of Nigeria. Basically, the organization’s emphasis is on giving qualified cooperatives, interested individuals, and developers access to economical and affordable housing units.

What does a mortgage bank do?

In essence, the purpose of mortgage banks is to make infrastructure and housing-related financing more accessible. These funds, which are also known as mortgage loans, are given by the bank to people so they can purchase a property and enable them to repay it over a predetermined period of time. Additionally, most of the time, borrowers pay back the credit to the bank with an agreed-upon interest rate.

What services does Abbey mortgage bank provide?

Services provided by Abbey mortgage bank include:

1. Retail banking

The traditional requirements that banks meet for their customers are catered to by the retail banking services. In light of this, you are able to establish an account for use in financial transactions such as savings, deposits, or even a salary account.

2. Wholesale banking

The requirements of businesses in need of a corporate account are met by wholesale banking, or more precisely by abbey cash management accounts. Additionally, it offers a number of benefits like checkbook issuance, no limits on the quantity and size of payments, and more.

3. Mortgage banking

Abbey Mortgage Bank’s strongest area is its mortgage banking, which meets the needs of those trying to get a credit for a home. Basically, there are three types of this service, which are:

Home loans and lending (Wholesale)

loans to corporations

growth of real estate

financing for construction

Last but not least, mortgage management program

Lending and Mortgages (Retail)

  • Personal mortgage
  • Staff housing loan
  • Equity release
  • National Housing Fund (NHF)
  • Personal loan and consumer finance
  • lastly, Mortgage Education

4. Electronic banking

Abbey Mortgage Bank provides customers with a platform to conduct electronic transactions for maximum comfort, just like every contemporary bank. Basically, you can do this by dialing the USSD number *332# or by visiting any nearby ATM location.

How can I contact Abbey mortgage bank?

You can contact the bank through any of the following means:

Address: 23 Karimu Kotun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Telephone: +2347080636000; +2347080636033; +2347080636025



In essence, Abbey Mortgage Bank offers banking services and mortgage loans to citizens as one of the best mortgage banks in Nigeria. So, all you have to do to get started right now is stop by any of their locations.